cherry pie week 8 flower

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  1. well they are getting close at this point i am assured to make it to harvest just 2 more weeks or so maybe less i see some amber already. the tall one is starting to foxtail i raised the light a few inches today I started out shooting for 2 pounds but its impossible to tell until final count but i can say they smell great and are loaded with sugar leaves I dont think i will run these again they are pretty fussy i snipped a bud and dried it and the buzz is there for sure 2 tokes and i was lit so i am happy about that anyways for anyone thinking of growing cherry pie they are ok but not great or anything 1.jpg 2.jpg 6.jpg 8.jpg
  2. Looks good to me
  3. i fucked up and went in last week wearing my shirt that had dog and cat hair on it breaking my cardinal rule and it stuck to some of the buds like glue lol I guess i will do the 3 bucket wash lemon baking soda and swirl the buds then hang to dry I was going to do it anyways as you know when you look with the scope you see all the inadvertant particles that stick in late flower when the buds are like glue traps lol
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  4. How long of a veg did those girls have?
  5. sprouted sep 15th flipped nov 1st

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