Cherry pie week 4 veg

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sosogrow, Oct 26, 2022.

  1. Well these girls are growing like crazy I keep pulling off the big leaves only to find them back the next day was going to flip to flower on the 31 st I have a feeling these are going to stretch a lot so far I have only given spring water nothing else my soil is handling the rest IMG_20220929_141640960.jpg IMG_20221020_123336135.jpg IMG_20221026_141034671.jpg IMG_20221026_141053849.jpg IMG_20221026_141122832_HDR.jpg
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  2. Id be bending branches and stripping more large fan leaves away...but thats just me.

    looks good. good luck
  3. LOL I DID JUST 2 DAYS AGO stripped them all and staked down the branches not even exaggerating this one is crazy
  4. I hear ya...that's why i said mooarrrrrrrr :rolleyes:;):hello:

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