Cherry pie final tally

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  1. Well I didn't hit my 2 pounds maybe with a third plant I would have thinking of trying a SOG next to utilize my space anywho I ain't great at math but all total counting the trim ( That I made 36 killer Brownies) I have like a pound and a half or 24 oz and it smells delicious IMG_20230105_014746994.jpg IMG_20230105_014800514.jpg IMG_20230105_014827963.jpg IMG_20230105_014937961.jpg IMG_20230104_000340965.jpg IMG_20230104_000304343.jpg IMG_20230104_000253967.jpg
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  2. yes i see the dog hair lol IDK its all personal use for me and a few friends
  3. the big jar on the right in picture 1 is the very top of every cola I keep them separate and cure them the longest i just realized i am stoned AF after 2 hiits on my pipe i think the thc level is upo there
  4. Nice work :)
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  5. Well done sir!
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  6. Everything is better with Dog Hair !!

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  7. Looks like a lot of work! Bud looks great too.
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  8. did you have about 10-15oz of trim out of that 24?
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  9. with all that space i have i want to have a better harvest this time because after that i have to wait until septmeber again because of the heat am thinking of either chemdog or power plant
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  10. Nice haul mate!
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  11. lol dont hate i know how to weigh and i had about 2 of trim which i dont count
  12. there was no hate, just stated in the OP it was 24oz including the trim......I usually end up with 1:1 on trim vs bud hence my question on real bud oz.
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  13. yields will increase over the more grows you do
  14. i was drinking i think when i posted lol i only kept about 2 oz of trim and got a total of 22 oz bud 7 oz were the tops of the colas which i keep and cure the longest 9 were the regular size nugs and about 6 of the pea size little nugs i remove all stems exept the cola tops i leave them alone this was pretty dense stuff at first i thought i would be lucky to see a pound but for some reason it is hard as a rock
  15. i think genetics is the main reason and usually i do 3 or more plants but only 2 beans popped this time
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    heres how I ride.

    I extract 45 (super lemon auto seeds) from my freezer lunch box

    40+ germ out

    I plant to 4 inch pots under a flouro and heater box on an inkbird

    once 6 inches tall I potup to 4 liter bags (this is new and a hassle, its extra work but I need to fit 20 in my space)

    once sex shows I boot the males leaving me about 20 female autos

    I gently pot them up to 10 liters (2.5usg?)

    the grow room 15sqft is full

    good luck
  17. what light schedule do you use for your autos

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