Cherry pie final swell

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sosogrow, Dec 27, 2022.

  1. Well they are just about ready for the chopping block pretty happy with the grow it went well don't think I will hit that 2 pounds but you never know the weight until they are dry I know I have at least 20 zippers though IMG_20221227_120749306.jpg IMG_20221227_120805149.jpg IMG_20221227_120810851_HDR.jpg IMG_20221227_120821323.jpg IMG_20221227_120827570.jpg IMG_20221227_120838271.jpg IMG_20221227_120850773.jpg IMG_20221227_120903617.jpg IMG_20221227_120914382.jpg
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  2. All weights are dry weights ..unfortunately, nice grow!
    my Cherry Pie has distinctive coloring from the Grand daddy purple but not here,
    being a simple: Grandaddy Purple x Durban Poison, both have serious color late flower
    whoose the breeder?
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  3. sunwest genetics i even tried making the nights cold the last 2 weeks like 60 degrees to try and bring out color but no purple on the other hand the sample buds smoked extremely well and are extremely potent like 2 hit shit
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  4. ya, keep us posted on the dry weight. thought you were crazy when you mentioned 2pds...I was seeing around 10z ;)

    but pictures can be deceiving...
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  5. well i will keep you posted i was just checking out 1 small bud i dried and it is hard as a rock and when i tried to squeeze one on the plants same thing so to me that is a great sign usually the buds have a little give when you squeeze but then again i have never grown a super dense bud until now and those plants are 5 and a half feet tall so pictures can be decieving
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  6. the 2 pounds was the original plan when i popped the seeds
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  7. oh right, my bad...i forgot about that addition afterwards..stoner forgetful moment for me.
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  8. I am just happy to make it to harvest without a hitch
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  9. They look great @sosogrow. I think I remember your running 2-600 watt hps lights right? I'd guess 2 pounds minimum unless you had some issues running them. Either way they look fat and juicy. Excellent job.
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