Cherry pie experiment

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  1. Well I decided to top 1 and leave it under the 600 mh and leave the other one alone but put it under the red spectrum 600 hps and see what happens IMG_20221012_143324118.jpg IMG_20221012_143316428.jpg IMG_20221012_143309395.jpg
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  2. those lights put off a lot of heat? Plants look pretty healthy overall, good leaf structure and density....the tips are starting to turn on some though....just food for thought.
  3. the hps does for sure the mh not really
  4. my soil was mixed kind of hot and now all i do is water the tips were actually worse and getting better now that the ppms are lowering and i try to keep the canopy below 80f now with winter coming the temps should be ok no way i could do this in the summertime
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  5. time to consider a LED light for summer
    as I keep my hps for the winter to save on heating the room in winter
    works cosy

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