Cherry pie day ten flower

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  1. Well it has been 10 days of 12/12 and they sure are stretching went from 37 inches to 50 in that period still no signs of flower really at this rate I predict 60 inches they will max out I am going to do some more LST and spreading on my day off I gave them their first real feeding today 2gallons each with barely a runoff I fed 900ppms at 6.7ph IMG_20221110_001814085_HDR.jpg IMG_20221110_001822864_HDR.jpg IMG_20221110_001829222.jpg
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  2. Looks great!
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  3. by the way the white specks are dust from the perlite i saw that too and said shit so i broke out my loupe no pests no pm i am on it
  4. never grown this strain so i dont really know how much feed they like i will keep an eye out for burnt tips or discoloration
  5. 1 plant per 600 watt hps seems to be a good combination the light penetrates nice and covers the whole plant
  6. Personally, I wouldn't only have one under a 600w.. but you do you.. :)
  7. You have 2… is that a 600 or a 1200? Looks like 600.
  8. 2 lights 2 plants so yes 1200 is what is running hortilux bulbs
  9. I'd grow at least 4 under that, but do whatever you think works best! Looks great.
  10. You probably know this already, but in case you don't, the original Cherry Pie would self seed nearly every time. I hear newer 'versions' of it don't do that so much or maybe not at all. But still, you may want to keep your eyes peeled extra sharp for roosters in the henhouse.
    She looks happy and beefy, nice work!
  11. i heard about that i watched a video on youtube of a guy grew 4 of these same seed bank and 1 nanner out of 4 plants
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