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  1. well i chopped this morning i usually wet trim on day 2 while they are hanging i have my humidifier in the middle trying to keep 65% humidity and no warmer then 65f hopefully it will get in the 50s in there some of the main branches were heavy AF and the smell is amazing 30.jpg 32.jpg 33.jpg 34.jpg
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  2. Those colas are huge!
    Nice job:thumbsup:
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  3. Excellent !!

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  4. I have cured a lot of bud and what I'm looking at I think you will be lucky to get 8 zips after cured. Just by looking at the close hanger for there size. Myself I always cut all buds off cola's and keep the last 3 to 4 inches of it if it's tight then weigh what I got to put in jars, let us know what you ended up with..
  5. I’m guessing 14 zips
  6. well at 1200 watts from the wall 8 zips would be like .25 grams per watt so i think i have at minimum 16 ounces we will see as i have never grown this strain but pictures can be very deceiving a small sample bud i dried weigh 4 grams and it was not very big
  7. Here is another angle IMG_20221229_192009094.jpg
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  8. I wet trim and hang to dry in a similar fashion. I found I get 20-23% of my wet trimmed weight in my curing jars. I cut every single bud from the stem prior to final weighing and placing in my curing jars. If that picture is everything from those two plants it doesn't look like you'll reach your original goal.
  9. no but i am thinking of trying power plant next or what strain do you know of that has large colas it is not my setups fault last harvest was well over 2 pounds i wish i kept some cuttings
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  10. last harvest Rainmaker from ethos
    a5.jpg a7.jpg a9.jpg
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  11. I've run a few of Ethos genetics. Great stuff. I have two different Ethos strains running now. As for a heavy yielding strain, I guess it depends what you like. When I run one plant in my 4x4 it's in a 30 gallon pot. Other than soil mass, I'm at a loss. Maybe that is what slowed this run down? Was this your second cycle with the same medium?
  12. Same medium yes I tried 30 gallon but the damn thing went Hermie all balls next run 2 30 gallons and a 60 day veg
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  13. I have used a 20 air pot before for one plant and got 28+ o/z from it, I got pictures in my grow journal on some grows but bigger pots for a plant does pay off.

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  14. Nice haul and great looking plant.
  15. I don't believe the soil mass had anything to do with your hermi. When I run a single plant I veg it for around 9-11 weeks and use an augmented mainline for my plant training method. Leaving selected inner branches so I end up with a full even canopy. I find it limits stretch and gives me more uniform bud production. The best part, no net. The plants can be turned or moved around with ease. Unless you run a strong sativa leaning strain you won't need any other support. I always pull a pound or more running 2-QB260 boards in my 4x4. So 520 watts of light energy.
  17. very nice what medium is that grown in promix?
  18. i would love to see the roots on that one did they fill the pot i am sure they did
  19. Yes it was completely full of Roots and mixture was promix and vermiculite with a little dolomite lime. It felt like a big old sponge.
  20. any other additives like meal or ewc or do you bottle feed?

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