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Cherry Pie and Dawg

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Munch, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Haven't posted any pickups ina while but I have steadin smokin on the chonic still. Heres some pics of what I have been smokin on lately, nothin special but still pretty dank.

    First pic is the cherry pie, pretty dank more sativa high than the last cherry pie batch I had. I like this strain mainly for the taste and smell, sooo goood. Reminds me of cherry cough syrup or sumthn when im breakin it up, smells a lot like durban. This batch seems to be the durban pheno reminds me of it a lot in terms of smell, looks, and high. The last batch I had was more kushy.

    Second is some chemdawg, again some good dank. Not the best looker but more stony than cherry pie. Great taste earthy/fuely and same smell.

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  2. looks tastey! are u really in greenland? enjoy!
  3. Dank Cherry Pie
  4. Smokin on some cherry pie now tastes great anyway you burnn this bud. and no not actually in greenland, california ha.
  5. Morning bump this pie didnt get enuf love:( its ok im givin her some attention now rippin bowls of pie and dawg:smoking::smoking:
  6. I see you bro...:rolleyes: I see you with your dank ass cherry pie..Vapeing a bowl as we speak in respect

  7. look so good make a grown man cry
  8. Yea the cherry pie is perfect in the bag appeal, smell, and taste category. The high is a nice hybrid leaning towards the sativa side not insanely powerful like some straight og tho. The dawg isnt a looker but smokes great, strong bud. Thanks for checkin out the ganj
  9. Cherry Pie seems to be the luck of the draw. I picked up a bit last night and it was sweet. Tasty and heady. :smoke:
  10. ooooohhh.. sexy.

    i wouldnt mind killin that pie.
  11. Nice vape...haha
  12. Super dense, nice nugs.
  13. Haha the vape is nice sadely it has seen better days. Two out of three screws were lost so I need to replace those and it needs to be cleaned also. It still rips well though even after all these years just needs a clean up job.

    Cherry pie nugs arent too dense id say medium but the chemdawg is pretty dense. Just got some pine kush thats danky also, super piney smell mite throw some pics up. Smokin a salad of pie, dawg, and kush now.

    I should try the cherry pie outa teh vape now that i think about it.......
  14. love the colors
  15. yea the purple coloring on the cherry pie isnt normal dark purp coloring, kinda lighter violet looks very nice. still smoking on both these and gettin stoneddddd. Been smokin blunts of both but i still need to try em in the vape.

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