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Cherry Master Purps and Sour Diesel Prices?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jakeekaj18, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Alright so I live in Michigan and am pretty new to smoking. I've smoked regs, train wreck, and watermelon kush. So today my friend called me asking if I wanted to throw down on some Cherry Master Purps and Sour Diesel.

    He said he can get Cherry Master Purps for $30 a gram and Sour Diesel for $50 a gram. Now I'm thinking what the fuck, I'm new and all but I'm pretty sure this is a rip off, at least for the Sour Diesel.

    He said the guys he's buying it from has to drive far away so we have to throw $5 for gas, so the Sour Diesel is actually only $45 but then $5 gas.

    I'm thinking these should only go for $20 a gram, $25 most. But again I'm new so I'm not 100% sure. I told him I'll throw down on the Cherry Master Purps just cause I've never tried it. But I'm not throwing down on the Sour Diesel for $50 a gram.

    Do these prices seem right to you? Anyone else live in Michigan and know the prices for these here?

  2. all of those numbers are too high. I would not pay $20 for a gram of anything except maybe sour d and one other strain. $50 is just ridiculous. tell him you want an 8th for that much
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    The prices where I live are a bit more expensive than a lot of other places. because around here most people sell regs for $10 a gram and trainwreck for $20 a gram. Those are the prices in my city. To get a little bit of a better knowledge on where I live, I live about 30 minutes from Detroit.

    Going on the prices above how much do you think Sour Diesel should be around here?
  4. I dunno what they shold be around you but I just got an OZ of Sour Diesel for $170
  5. Sour D at most should be 20/g and 60/3.5
  6. 20 a G, tops. Period.
  7. if i have the option to buy sour deisel i take it. but definately not at 50a g thats fucking crazy. i live in florida and i buy from a middle man and its 1g for 20 if i bought from the grower itd be 10$ but i cant get to him. i wouldnt even buy for 30$ a gram unless its like the best shit in the world.
  8. /thread
  9. 50$ a g? thats crazy. even 20$ a g is pushing it. do not buy either
  10. Definitely not, never.
  11. It costs 10 to grow an ounce of extreme dank.

    So for the sour d your looking at a 1400 ounce. Thats just fucking stupid. No plant is worth that.

    I wouldn't smoke if i had to pay that. Find a new dealer. Also tell the current one your not stupid.
  12. It's hard to say that when you've never bought weed at a good price before........see what i mean?
  13. Never pay more than 20 a gram. 50 is ridiculous.
  14. I lived down South and would only buy really good weed. The most I ever paid was 30/g and that was due to the fact that I had been smokin regs and was desperate at the time. You're in Michigan. Medical is legal and you should be able to find something way way cheaper. I think this individual is not to be trusted (I'm guessing he wanted you to front the money and for him to go alone). I bet he wanted you to pay for his bag too (its probably 25$/g for real). Also, Cherry Master Purps sounds pretty made up.
  15. 50 a g?:laughing:... No!:eek:
  16. Like everyone else is saying, that's a huge ripoff. 30/g is still a pretty big rip. Yes, prices do vary, but I've never heard anyone who wasn't an asshole going above 25/g and I've only met one guy who sold that. I don't live there, but make a connect in Detroit. Bet money you start getting Sour D at <20/g. Gotta be tons of weed there.

    P.S. I'm betting it's not even Sour D.
  17. Prices vary from area to area, but if you are in the United States you shouldn't pay more than $25/g ANYWHERE.
  18. I lived and smoked on the eastside..bout 20 minutes out of detroit, for over ten years. I was always up the latest and greatest and never ever paid anything more than 20 a gram. Your getting taken to the cleaners with that man. Buy ghetto nickel bags instead. Ive gotten some real fire from the hood just dont act stupid down there.

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