Cherry Bomb auto

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  1. Snoleperd here, something is not right with my plant, I strongly believe that it is a hermathrodite why? The plant is 28 days old no signs of flowering, worse still at every node there should b 2 little balls at every node with 2 pistols coming out, there are none, there r 2 spikes sticking straight up, all so this plant has a lot of genetic defects at some nodes 1 branch at some none, on some 2, my main branches r ok but 1 small inner branch did not develop , I had this problem once with crop king, ordered candy cane it grew great would not flower, the sent me early miss, same drill, they then sent me NYCD, but by this time I was so pissed I never ordered from them again, yes I could try to cut the light but that never worked 4 me, bomb seeds are assholes that's why I said if u must buy bomb seeds go to a reputable seed bank i did buissnes with crop king 4 a long time so they made up 4 it but I'm still out 10gal happy frog , nutrient, time, effort, risk ect, I will give it a week, oh this funny named plant ( stitch van kush ) by flash seeds poked her little head up today so I guess we will b doing her instead. SNOLEPERD OUT
  2. I just grew a cherry bomb auto and it was a fab got any pics?

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