Cherry 7up Antioxidant

Discussion in 'General' started by Anony, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Delicious.

  2. Blah..... *puke*
  3. Picked up a bottle the other day. Very refreshing indeed. Nice rig!
  4. it cant beat a fresh snapple.
  5. Yea, fuck oxidants.
  6. Thanks spliff.

    So much hate on a soda, lol.
    Just thought id throw it out there :)
  7. nice rig +rep
    also its okay tasting soda but i pefer normal 7up
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    I like your computer.

    That CPU heatsink is huge, isn't it? I think I had the same one. Very nice, though.

    And I can see your video cards too. :D

    Sorry, I'm about to build a new computer and I'm pretty excited.
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    Right on, yea the CPU cooler is an artic 64, heres a couple better pics without the soda.

    Two 10,000 RPM hard drives, an 8800GTS 512 video card.
    I had two 7800GT OC's in there previously but wanted a 512 for vista.
    Wow, those wires are a mess.
    Hate the look on the front, the white drive is totally out of place, and the fat crack at the bottom from this noob.

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  10. Never had it, sounds like it has potential though... It's just so hard to pry myself away from Arizona...:smoking:
  11. You know, I have been drinking arizona for years, and only recently realized they put high fructose corn syrup in it, at least the ones I buy, so Ive been trying to stay away from it more and more.
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    I don't mean to be so OT or hijack your thread, but that setup is awesome! And yep, I have the same CPU cooler. :)

    And I'm gonna get an 8800GTS for my video card, too.

    I know they have the new GTX 260 and 280 out, but an 8800GTS can play anything that's out right now basically maxed.

    So, I'll wait a bit before I consider upgrading again.

    And I love cases with a window on the side. :D

    ^^ I hope Peach Tea doesn't have too much in it, that's my favorite..
  13. Naw no problem mang, what cpu/memory you thinking?
    My case has 9 fans, so i have to clean the dust out of it and the filters every couple of weeks especially this cpu cooler, but thats not really a big deal i guess, only takes 15 minutes or so.
  14. I'm thinking about the new Intel Core i7.

    I'll have to wait a week for my paycheck to come in, though. But yeah, hopefully in buying the Core i7 I wont have to upgrade for (hopefully) 5 years or more.

    My old Pentium 4 has had it.. And now it has a bad virus to make things worse. :rolleyes:

    Probably some Corsair memory to go along with it?

    These will be the core parts. I'm just about $300 short, though.
  15. I didn't know that. Were you buying the tea's or the juice's?
  16. Interesting, looks like some good products.
    Only thing I can suggest is make sure that your cpu cooler wont run into a space conflict with that tall memory, but looks like it would be out of the way.
  17. I give out too much rep daily, but I'd rep you for that if I could - I didn't even think about the memory being so tall.

    I'll have to check out some CPU coolers that'll fit. Thanks. :)
  18. No problem, I always seem to like boards where the video card covers up the SATA ports :(

  19. The tea's, they are two for a dollar next to where I live, I figured it was the deal of a lifetime.

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    IDE cables are all I have for now. :(

    But SATA, here I come. :p

    And Arizona tea is basically the only thing I drink, other than water.

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