Cheney afraid of Canada!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cball, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Seems he can handle being thought of as a treasonous bastard in the USA but can't handle some canucks getting their voices heard...

    U.S. News - Former Vice President Dick Cheney cancels trip to Canada, says it's too dangerous


    I'm routing for the Canadians! I hope they shove a pineapple... or two... up his ass..:devious:

  2. Good. We dont want him here. We didnt want W up here either but he still came, unfortunately
  3. Yeah - fuck you, Cheney.
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    My father will walk around his house sometimes like a zombie, and say "I'm dick cheney here to harvest your soulll"
  5. Hahah! oh i love this!

    first we're pinko-commie peacenik bastards... now we're rabble-rousing malcontents with a penchent for violence.

    well, if it keeps that shithead off our soil, i'm for it.

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