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  1. I'm on my cellphone right now so copying and pasting articles is difficult but I wanted to get the gc communitys thoughts on this.

    In a nutshell, we've being poisoned by aircrafts that are loaded with chemicals being sprayed with aerosol equipment. You CAN actually see this happening, I notice it EVERY week. You think it's the exhaust of the aircraft but it's not, the trail of what looks like what would be the exhaust spreads out into a thin overcast.

    Once you start noticing them, you will notice the tic tac toe patterns the aircrafts are doing.

    Heres a link to many links about chemtrails.

    Spend 15 minutes and actually look into this, it will open your eyes.

    I personally think they're doing this to get us sick, because sick people is a business, a very wealthy business.

    Youtube has some really detailed videos, watch some.
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  3. I was thinking more of this

  4. Fuck that, government is killing us all lol
  5. Some of the trails from the plane are heavy metals in the name of global warming to "cool" things off by reflecting sunshine. Problem is aluminum and barium can change the ph of soil and be harmful to certain plant life. And these aluminum and barium molecules are showing up in soil everywhere. It's geo-engineering at its best, or worst?
  6. i had a pretty lengthy conversation with this tripped out hippy rainbow chick. she told me about chemtrails but also told me about agent orange.
    she said she was 6 in vermont at a gathering and the government came in, took her family, held her down and sprayed agent orange in her face.
  7. You can't seriously believe that shit, it's been true and tested by multiple independent sources, and not one found anything suspicious.
  8. [quote name='"imadamnlegend"']You can't seriously believe that shit, it's been true and tested by multiple independent sources, and not one found anything suspicious.[/quote]

    I can bet you they've tried. Even still, who knows what that crap does. Current reports may say it's nothing but I think it's too early to tell.
  9. does she display any of these symptoms?
    The Agent Orange cancers and diseases include prostate cancer, respiratory cancers, (lung, trachea/bronchus, larynx), soft-tissue sarcoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Hodgkin disease, chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), and multiple myeloma.

    these are the symptoms when you come in contact, not I am not talking sprayed in the face contact, I am talking simple exposure like spraying with a mask on or coming in contact with land that has been exposed to it. Taking a defoliant like that strait to the face would have lasting negative effects. You would inhale it directly which would cause lung problems almost instantly. Think of it like this she is claiming that she took a chemical 1000X stronger than round up that you can buy at the store strait to the face. You should take her story for what it was a story from a "tripped out hippy rainbow chick" Let me guess when she told you this story she used these words at least 10 times when telling you "like, man, and far out"

    her story is complete and utter BS. Agent Orange strait to the face of a 6 year old would most likely cause their lungs to collapse.
  10. Lol I never ever knew so many conspiracy theories even existed before GCs pandora box lol
  11. Happens errday but people is blind
  12. Yeah, just like Marijuana has been tested by multiple independent sources, yet the government still refuses to acknowledge it's properties. :rolleyes:

    Don't believe all of these 'sources' fellas. They are very easy to fabricate or falsify (Operation Neptune Spear anyone?). There are absolutely some contrail testing which is used for weather analysis, but the rest are harder to explain. Especially when these planes are flying in excess of 40k+ feet in the sky, spraying these chemtrails. Whether or not it's a part of the HAARP conspiracy, it's still a very real everyday occurrence.
  13. [quote name='"pinacolaaadas"']
    Whether or not it's a part of the HAARP conspiracy, it's still a very real everyday occurrence.[/quote]

    Yep, because it's condensation bruhh.
  14. But you never hear about the former workers who loaded the so-called stuff into the planes for them to spray...
  15. Why would they do something that will hurt themselves?
  16. Exactly, When you start too see government officials walking around with gas masks then you know you have problems.
  17. I've noticed ALOT of these trails this morning, like way more than ive ever seen before.

  18. There is an important difference between research on cannabis and chemtrails.

    Our current drug policy doesn't recognize what the majority of the scientific community would say about cannabis. In this case, the government refuses to acknowledge information which scientists have uncovered.

    Chemtrails are dismissed as fiction by the scientists themselves.
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    this should clear it up, an interview with ben livingstone. definately worth a watch

    the government are capable of a LOT these days

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