Chemtrails To De-Populate

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  1. \tChemtrails to De-Populate


  2. Its a bird, its a plane, no, its a chemtrail!
  3. I seriously doubt these "chem-trails" are anything other than Silver-iodide.
      They do it over my house all the time, and I'm not dying.  
     In fact, my ejaculations have increased in vigor and distance.  Thanx, chemtrails!
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  4. Or: Water vapor because combustion of jet fuel. Differing atmospheric conditions change how the clouds form and how long they linger.
    And also: science.
    Last thing: Alex Jones is a nut job.
    That is all.
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    LOL this is the stupidest chem-trail theory I've ever seen.  De-populate?  Yeah, because there have been thousands of deaths caused by this  :rolleyes:
    At least the people who claim it's for mind control have picked a theory that cannot be so easily disproven...
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    Chemtrails are real I see them spray this shit all the time. The jets will go back an fourth for hours on end .before you know it the whole sky is a silver cloudy blue.

    An oh yes I for got they don't fade away like a con trail dose.these spread an get bigger an bigger an stay there. Look at your skys once in awhile .
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  7. Also, this helicopter has been following me for days. I don't think they're spraying anything, but I know they're watching....most likely because I 'know'.
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    Theirs a video of a woman doing a speech about chem trails(I can linkkk it if you want) and she tellls how she was working at an airforce base and these strange chemicals kept coming on base and she looked into and blah blah blah she discovers chem trails and quits the military. The shit is real, their most likley just making us more stupid, not killing us..
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  9. Its true guys, open your eyes its everywhere, even my ford truck spits out chemtrails from the exhaust now.
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    What ever the reason , Its disgusting ! Chem trails are real regardless of there intention and dont get it twisted with con trails. I fail in understanding the logic in defending these pollutants. lol people would rather be more pissed off about my LARGE text, or CAPS LOCK  instead of being mad about chem trails,pollution or the senseless wars being created in your nameslol wtf
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  11. Because its annoying and a real problem unlike chemtrails
    She was wacko. Why would any pilot participate in a program that could very easily be deployed against their own loved ones?
    The video is a bit silly too. They jump from the theory of geoengineering and equate it to the use of chaff.  The possibility that we could use it shouldn't be off the table. It may very well need to be used to save us from ourselves.
    Alumunum in rain and snow is a natural thing. :smoke:

    Some people believe that one should not ever find aluminum in rainwater.
    The question they should be asking is why would you NOT find aluminum in rainwater?
    Aluminum is older than our solar system, it is found in meteorites over 4.5 billion years old.
    Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements in earth's crust.
    Aluminum and silica combine to create the most common mineral on earth, Feldspar.
    Worldwide, the largest source of airborne mineral dust is the Sahara Desert,
    which produces up to 200 million tons of mineral dust per year.
    The second largest source is the Gobi Desert of China, .
    These mineral dusts are composed mainly of silicon and aluminum oxides.
    In 1967 and 1973, scientists measured aluminum in rain and snow and found levels comparable to those found today.
    Why would you NOT find aluminum in rain water?
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  13. Please tell me you are an American. I need to know if there is one person in this country who can actually think.
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    Lol, yes, originally a Maine-iac though. :eek:
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  15. Your talking without proper information please do research
  16. Finally! For the last semester of uni I thought I was the only one who thought this was one conspiracy that just didn't work. Almost no evidence for it and it makes sense that contrails would form a grid pattern since you don't want planes talking each other. Wouldn't they have come up with a more clever way that everyone wouldn't be able to see, wouldn't they want to try out ask their shiny new drones while we are asleep?
  17. Ahahahahahaha!
    "Your talking without proper information"   *posts an InfoWars video*
    Ahahahahaha! good one.
    It's one woman's anecdote and the only thing she has proven is that the Air Force uses Barium.  She doesn't know what for, she just proved that they used it.
    Sorry but I believe she is wrong.  She's jumping right on the bandwagon and she has convinced herself that the conspiracy is real.
    So is her claim that every single chemtrail is being dispensed by the Air Force?  Or she thinks that someone is also loading Barium onto passenger jets as well?
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    Hazardous materials in close proximity to an Air Force Base gee that hasn't happened before. :laughing:  :laughing:
    She is full of it. :smoke:
  19. At least they're not dumping snail trails on us

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