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  1. first of all im outdoor grower and my spot is really close to a spot to get tap water so i really need to be able to use the tap water

    i found a pdf about my citys tap water and it has a diagram of the tap water filtration and in it...

    cholorine, zinc, caustic soda, ammonia, phosphate, and flouride are used in the filtration processes of the water.

    i have searched on here and all i reall can find is info on the chlorine

    im growing organically so i want to know how long should be good to let the water sit until all these evaporate, or if theres something that will not go away in it and will harm my plants, anything i can do to cure it.


    oh and heres the pdf if you need more info: Forms/Water Quality Report.pdf
  2. Our outdoor grows are almost 100% organic and we just use the garden hose when watering and or mixing up the organic base nutes and any other additives. For indoor grows we let the tap water sit out for 24 hours before using but outdoors the earth can filter alot of stuff out more so then growing in a plant pot indoors. If you want an added measure of security some Home depot`s and Lowes sell water filters that you can put on the end of a garden hose. Where I live i tried both RO water and tap water that sat out and really saw no big difference to justify the added cost of using RO water. Now that wont apply to all people, some people who are on wells or have really soft water or just real shitty water may need to use an RO system. With a good organic soil mix outdoors we dont even PH the water and or nute mix outdoors.
  3. do you know the hardness of your tap water?

    mine just measured at 44ppm. thats the highest i'v ever seen it.

    normally mine is very low. which means my plants can suffer from calcium, magnesium, iron and a hole host of other micro nutrient defics.

    I read that plants dont seem to mind chlorine in small doses but i'm not sure about your soil cultures.

    Tell your mayer/representative that you don't want fluoride in your tap water lol.
  4. 44PPM is infitesimal. On my bubble buckets, the tap was regularly 250+ PPM.
  5. We have hard water where I live. Not to many people wash their cars at home around here it will leave water stains. The PPM is right around 200.
  6. I'd say you'll probably be ok just leaving the water sitting in a bucket for at least 24 hours prior to using it. That said I know in SC your accustomed to regular rainfall. A couple of buckets left around, perhaps under gutter downspouts, to collect rain would also serve you well.
  7. I would sit them out in the open or use a small clean tarp or something to catch and direct the water into a bucket. I wouldnt put them under a rain gutter downspout you could end up with dirty water and who know what else that was in your gutter. We have composite shingles and you always see what looks like the rough grit sand off of the shingles in the gutters and just below the down spouts.
  8. thanks for the input guys. any good ideas of collecting rainfall that i could use in the woods? the tarp and bucket seems good but seems like it would be noticeable from the sky which im not trying to do. right now im having to get water from nearby bathroom and would love for the water to just be at the spot already.
  9. Get some 5 gallon black or camo buckets and sit them out there.

  10. Well I'm having 17 plants in 20 gallon holes so how many would you recommend?
  11. Good question, best guess quite a few but dont always rely on catching enough rain water to water them all.
  12. yeah i figure since my mix is mainly water only, if i got 68 gallons of water every 2-3 weeks, that should be enough to get by at times with no rainfall. thats 4 gallons for each plant. ill give them 2 gallons each every time its been 4-5 days without rainfall and none coming soon. ill let you know how this goes, but i will also try the buckets i just feel they wont get enough to really matter.
  13. I tried sitting a few 5 gallons buckets out to collect rainfall a few times and it takes a pretty good storm here over a few days to catch enough to fill each bucket and thats with nothing to aid in catching and directing the rainfall into the buckets. On a side note the rain will aid in watering your plants if their not covered.
  14. In the PDF you linked it states Chloramine(s), so I'm assuming it's more than just Chlorine.

    In that case, letting it sit won't do anything, as monochloramine (which is what I'm going to assume they are using) doesn't evaporate.

  15. Your right. Chloramine bonds with chlorine extending its life span preventing the chlorine from breaking down and evaporating as quickly.
  16. More than a Chlorine!

    more than a Chlorine to meee

  17. so I cant use this water? I did last year on badseed and lowes soil and it worked the plants were real shitty tho and I don't want that this year. the only other option would be a golf course pond which im sure has a lot of fertilizers and shit in it. dam this sucks haha
  18. You can. Other then running an RO system or buying RO water use what you have. I tried RO water for a while and saw no real big difference to make it worth the extra cost for me.
  19. oh awesome. yeah i dont think im going to be doing that anytime soon. ill probably just try to get enough in advance to let them sit a good week or more. the chloramine or whatever cant stay forever. i just hope it doesnt mess up any of the microbes with my organic mix

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