Chemical weapons factory found

Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. Do u kno that Israel has weapons of mass destruction this leaked once and the person who said this was had life imprisonment by the US government. Everything u see on the media is propaganda n America n Britain r having this war for 2 main reasons.

    1) The economy is going bust in America n Britain so they wanting the oil 2 stop this from happening. They have already seized all the Oil rigs in the South of Iraq aleady.

    2) They want world control now, They kno they can do it cause they got everything they need 2 do it but this has been happening now for a long time without 2 many ppl realising. This has been shown by the war with the Israeli's (AMERICANS)and Palestinians, Afghanistan and the otha ones in the 20th Century i.e Cold War. Wheneva there is a war America is there. Ydo u think? Because there getting something big out of each 1.
    America n Britain dont care about the ppl of Iraq they're just lookin out for number 1
  2. haha! i knew it, your first name is Hans isn't it blix? i knew u were a toker from the first time i saw u on the telly! ;)

    anyways... just because sadam is a dodgey lying fucker still aint no reason to scrap the diplomatic, legal and internationally agreed route by going to war... launching hundreds of missiles costing over a million each. We knew he was a dodgey lying fucker all the time (i've forgotten who i'm talking about there... bush or sadam... oh yeah, sadam this time). still no real justification for all out onslaught on some of the most oppressed people on the planet (and i'm not jsut talking about what sadam does to them... i also mean the sanctions). It's about oil prices primarily, just watch the price per barrel and it seems obvious why it's happening. what about all the other tyranical dictatorships of the world... it's rediculous to think that Iraq was the only one left. and it doesnt take a dictatorship for a government to be corrupt and "evil"... look at (as weedboss said) Izrael, whom supposedly have 'democracy'. If bush HAS TO launch some million dollar weapons of mass destruction, how about launching them at Izrael... it would do alot more for world stability at least!

    do you know how far a million dollars would go in africa? how many people could be fed and have vaccinations and have education and get some condoms to stop the aids epidemic?

    over 300 have been launched... so thats over $300,000,000 already in just missile costs... the cost of THIS war ALONE, could sort out nearly all world poverty!

    And the american public wonder why there is supposedly an increasing amount of "anti-american propaganda" (as i've heard it called) over here in Europe. ... ummm duh... kyoto for another reason if this war wasn't enough.

    i really hope horrible things happen to tony blair for turning his back on the british people and on Europe.
  3. another point.

    if it werent for Hirsh and Anslinger back in the 20's, cannabis and hemp would have boomed as its uses become more reccognised throughout all sectors of industry... and there would be NO NEED for oil at all as everything that oil can do, cannabis derivitives can do better and cheaper and more environmentally friendly... no need for war then.

  4. There is "Anti-American Propaganda" just as there is "American Propaganda" or "Iraqi Propaganda". Everybodie's opinion is biased, and it is imposssible to achieve a full consensus of the very most important issues. Nobody but Iraq is lying straight out, but the other two each are doing basically the same thing by ignoring certain, important, issues. Trying to get a full understanding of the facts without learning what is going on on (that can't be grammatically correct, can it?) both sides, or all sides, and then making a decision based upon the evidence. We must know what Saddam is saying, what Bush is saying, and what the protestors are saying, along with a plethora of differing viewpoints. There are reasons to take Saddam out. There are nearly equalling reasons not to. The difference can only be decided by you. I feel that there are better reasons to taking him out than there are for not doing it. I don't agree with the tactics, but the military goal coincides with my own preference. Maybe I'm not read up enough to disagree about tactics, but I feel that a less visible strike would have been more prudent. And I mean in the Middle East's vision, not the World Stage's.
    And I agree, legalization of hemp could possibly solve many of the issues with oil. If nothing else, at least our government guys could mellow out a little bit by smoking a j.
  5. Never said I agree with the war. I don't. I just thought it was interesting.
  6. Well these chemical weapon factories can be anything if we take a brief look to the history US army has bombed Fish cleaning factories, Red cross food suplies, Chinese ambassdies (?) etc. as chemical weapon factories. This Factory found could be an med center, or just about anything.

    But then again I have little faith in USA speaking the truth. The persian Gulf war was 100% propaganda, US army "leacing" pictures of perfects hits and not showing a single one of them 100-1000 bombs that killed and destroyed civilian targets. How's about the missile that blowed out the syrian bus full of syrians who were returniong from work? or the UK plane that was shot down?

    And about israel, yes, why? why don't anyone pay attention to that country? or the man slaughter they have been doing for decades now? because they're "fighting against terrorism" and this "terrorism" being the palstines, palestine doesn't have army, how are they supposed to defend themselves agains israel tanks and troops otherwise than throwing flame boms and doing suicide attacks? And again I ask the question DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT US WILL STOP ON IRAQ? OR MAYBE THEY "FIN" AN ANOTHER "EVIL" COUNTRY (evil meaning un-american and different)

  7. ummm...if you think that saddam's regime isn't evil, than you obviously haven't read up on material. you have all of these resources in front of you. educate yourself, and learn what was going on in Iraq's government. nothing like that should have been allowed to evolve as large as it did. now we are doing what we should have done in '82, when this dictatorship started.
  8. That wasn't the point. I know that Saddam is a looney tooney Dictator who should be taken of from the leading position in iraq. The point was that afer this US will propably go after an another and another, cos everything that isn't like US seems to be evil. Who says that western democracy is the best? Why should every country be the same? why should Republican Christianity be the only true religion? I'm just pondering where this all will lead. US stepped over the UN and many many countries when they started the attack. And I think that this is just the beginning. And what is the one who follows Saddam is even worse and the whole Iraq goes down to hell? whos responsible? And yes Saddam is an dictator who has killed iarq people and has very strict rules but do you think that and all american "howdy neighbour" policy would work in those hostile areas? wouldn't it be more obivius that the saudis, irans or other surrounding countries would attack Iraq if there wasn't and feared and tough leader in there? Yes it sucks, but there's no right for an person who has lived his/hers whole life in peace and security to go and start saying people who come from totally different kind of political, ethical, religious etc. countries.

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