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Chemical dependency evaluation, UA what to expect?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Itsmymedicine, May 10, 2016.

  1. Hi I live in Minnesota and have to take a court ordered Chemical Dependecy Evaluation. I know for the most part what to expect as far as the questions go, and to go in there looking presentable and pretty much just need to lie through my teeth. I'm fairly certain that there will be a UA following the test im just curious as to weather anyone with experience knows if this urinalysis will be observed or not. Thanks in advance for any insight. Also any specifics about what the questions may look like from my state of anyone knows again in MN.
  2. Most of the time the pee test is not observed unless you have given them a reason. Depends on your charges and your location. Most POs don't want to spend all day looking at people pee in a cup. That being said many observe from the back of are in the room so there is close to zero chance of subbing.

    If you know this is coming up then you should be clean anyways right? Most people in trouble with the law quit drugs because they know tests are coming right?
  3. Not necessarily depends on if i pass this evaluation i think any testing will be almost non existent
  4. I live in minnesota and have taken 2 chemical dependency evaluations withing the last 4 yrs and not one gave me a ua. Thats just in my situation tho. Honestly i think theyre hilarious and nothing to worry about at all, just intimidating by the sound of it. I told the whole truth(once again different situation) but makes me wonder/ask why its court order? If you dont mind, you dont got to say exactly why or just the bare essentials? Just so can give you a better answer maybe...
  5. Its for a possesion of a controlled substance 5th degree honestly wasnt mine just some pills found in my car but ive been put on a diversion program to keep the felony charge off my record and part of the conditions is to take this Chemical dependency eval and follow it's recommendations so i want to give myself the best chance at passing so i dont have to follow through with some outpatient bs. The thing is i have to go to one of these clinics that the court recommended so idk what to expect.
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    I do. Most of those places are packed. If you get sent to one of the many places in mpls than youll see lots of fucked up ppl(homeless/drug addicts) and than youll see ppl like you, who shouldnt be there. They are usually so busy and never open passed 11am(if i remember correctly). I did say you probably wont take a ua but my gf reminded me that the last one i did have to:( I would expect to take one bc yours is court ordered. I know this probably isn't what you want to hear. I can let you know whats gonna happen tho to avoid getting sent to any kind of treatment, because thats why they send you to do a CDA. They label you to 3 categories once they get enough info on your past first being your chemically dependent, second is you have abuse/abuse potential, or they can say theres insignificant info. I would try and lean towards the last one otherwise your gonna end up in a couple classes or treatment. Anyways they just list all the drugs and you'll have to say if you ever used it, what method, and for how long? Defiantly easy to fudge the whole thing. Just remember these ppl see drug addicts everyday, they're not stupid and usually know when someones lying but if in mpls idk how much they'll care bc they always packed.
  7. That blows you got caught with someone elses pills! Defiantly something i always freaked out about during my drug years
  8. I'm not too worried about having to ua as long as it's not supervised ill just go in there ready with a bottle of quick fix, they sell it at the head shop down the street from me always the latest formula
  9. Thats cool but they will temp it if its not supervised. Scratch that theyll probably temp any way. Im assuming quick fix is synthetic urine you mix into water? Do you know how to beat the temp part?

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