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Chemdog Vs Og

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mikesu58, May 22, 2013.

  1. Today I picked up a quarter of two different strains from seperate dealers. The chemdog was 100 for 7 grams, OG was 80 for 7 grams. Just wanted some opinions on which looks better, what strain would you choose? Heres some pics I just took. enjoy  :smoking:


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  2. Well if I'm correct Chemdawg has OG genetics. But I've never had it so I'll have to go with OG.
  3. Chemdog is the left weed in the container, OG is the stuff in the two jars. I seperated it into two eigths haha
  4. I think both are a nice choice and the prices you paid are appropriate to the respective strains. :smoke:
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    "Common misconception is that Chemdog is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. To the contrary, Chemdog originally was grown in Montana and eventually sold to growers in Massachusetts and Colorado. Temporarily, Chemdog quit coming from Colorado and Montana and was left solely with a grower in Massachusetts who went by the name Chemdog. Ten female seeds came from this strain and the first one became known as Chemdog '91. The remaining seeds were returned to Colorado and grown there. The misconception that Chemdog is presided by OG Kush most likely stems from the fact that Chemdog was renamed OG Kush upon arriving in Southern California."
    and i prefer a well grown ChemDawg over OG but it's really hard to find ChemDawg grown better than OG around here imo
  6. I cleaned my pipe to pristine new condition and smoked about .1 of Chemdog and OG seperately. The OG has a very earthy taste like sour d type of flavor, I liked it. The Chemdog has a complete other taste, hard to describe... but its a little harsh and 1-2 hits you'll feel it lol. Chemdog seems to be more potent

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