Chemdawg Auto (32 days old) Yellowing problems

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  1. Hi blades, I have a Chemdawg Auto that's 32 days old.. and it's been yellowing the bottom leaves edges, and there's clearly something wrong. The plant is in 3 gal smart pot of FoxFarms Ocean Forest, cut with 30% Perlite. I also have a 30 Days old PineApple Express growing alongside it, all the same living conditions. Both have never been *fed* anything, just plain water, Living off the Fox Farms. What seems to be the problem with the Chemdawg? The Pineapple Express looks fine... Here are some pics below, from Lights off today.
  2. Chemdawg Auto (32 Days old)
    Chemdawg Day 32 #1.jpg Chemdawg Day 32 #2.jpg
  3. Chemdawg Auto (32 Days old)
    Chemdawg Day 32.jpg Chemdawg Day 32 #3.jpg
  4. Pineapple Express (30 Days old) *Looks much healthier then the Chemdawg*
    PineApple Express#2 Day 30 n.jpg PineApple Express#2 Day 30.jpg
  5. Any ideas?
  6. I suspect your water

    is it RO..bottles or outta the tap..?

    either way it may be knocking the ph some

    try a 50/50 mix of tap and ro add a pinch of calmag 1x per week

    good luck
  7. It's tap water, and the Ph is always 6.8-7 out the tap, then I Ph it to 6.5

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