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chemd f2s/lsd

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dagobaker, May 8, 2011.

  1. Rez chemdog ibl taken to the f2 status (best mom crossed with all 7 males)
    started 12/12 march 27th from seed............
    75% females ......very uniform looking colas.........some darker green than others
    i pic of the lsd......(lemon sour dough.....2 weeks behind)
    sorry for the semi out of focus camera........its being a BITCH (and taken in dark doenst help)

    Attached Files:

  2. giggity fucking goo

    extra legit once again :)
  3. thankx
    im finally feeling the yield will b there.............
    running colas guessing june 1st harvest........they will continue to get fatter for 3 more weeks
  4. i live in ohio let me get summa dat :) ha. forreall though....
  5. ne ohio here............trying to grow dank with yield
  6. It saddens me to think that all of this awesome looking dank is less than 2hrs from me :( lol
  7. howd they get that burnt?
  8. fan is a bit too powerful.........and too crampt to move further away........
    and im pushing them nute wise
  9. The Chemdawg Family > any other weed
  10. eh well that sure will help u learn her upper limits. looks like itll be a nice pull
  11. Those look great
  12. im not a perfect grower either.....just cause the leaves arent perfect dont mean im not growing at the tops of my skill level :)
  13. Where in Ohio are you, stark county?

    I'm in the Steubenville area myself
  14. 440 here, looks lovely
  15. Dank as always dago great job! I ran chemd couldn't get the buds to to dense together was very airy =/

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