Cheesiest word/phrase you've heard someone say?

Discussion in 'General' started by StimulateMyMind, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I was delivering a pizza and as he took it I said, "have a good night", he replies with "hardcore", before walking inside.

    I just stood there like wtffffff

    and when people say "A dab'll do ya!" pisses me off so fucking much.
  2. I hate when I says whats up to someone they say the ceiling.. it was never clever.
  3. "hardcore" hahaha wtf. but its not any different than sayin awsome or cool, really

  4. i would say "your cholesterol fatty"
  5. "What's up?"

    My post count.

  6. The word "app" pisses me off so much it isn't even funny. It's called an application you trendy fucks!:mad:
  7. "i'm fuuuuuucked up" i stop talking to a person if they tell me that
  8. people who say basically all the time
  9. Really? Of all the things someone could say that comes to your mind.
  10. "I feel like..." I can't stand when people say it. "I feel like that weed was pretty good stuff." Well no shit it was good stuff I pay 20 a gram. Also, "Dude, I'm so high right now." Fuck that, buzzkill. Just enjoy it and talk about normal stuff. Don't remind me you are high every 5 minutes please and thank you. /rant
  11. It bothers me when people say "literally" for lack of a better amplifying word.

    Also, people who insert "like" every few words.

  12. Whats your come back for that? I am in the same situation.

  13. Can't speak for him, but I'd usually just turn on the webcam and whip out my cock.:devious:
  14. Epic.
    You know ? Afterevery second word
    I love you
    I'm so high man ( iv slipped it once or twice)
    That's it for now
  15. Any dialog in a porn.
  16. "Have a nice day..." ---> Fuck you!
  17. When someone ask me that question,i reply "my money". i hope that isn't a cheesy response. lol:smoking:
  18. I hear you bro. I hate it when girls have afew drinks and are like 'im sooooo drunk, omg have sex with me' and act like sluts.

    Actually I don't I hate it, I love it.

    But i still hear ya bro :smoking:
  19. gee whiz

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