CheeseWreck x4.. Check the progress ..

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  1. Here are my babies.. 3 CheeseWrecks and 1 BlueCheese.. 58th day from seed for the CW and 25th day from seed for BC .. 100% female .. water every 2-3days ruffly 200ml water..Fert every 2nd water?..lights on 18/6..400watt HPS..Got heat down to 32C ish now which is still quite high but iv got it down from 42C lol .. RH at 40-60Rh all time..

    Jus few Q's - Am i ready for 12/12 Shud i use Bloom Booster

    1 of my plants im a bit concerned about - at the bottom there are 4 new shoots making there way to the top of the plant so have 5 heads sorta thing and im thinking its draing the main head out to get the new shoots upp.. may be wrong.. concerned by skinny leaves and crinkly sorta


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