Cheesecake Factory

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  1. I'm going there tommorow for my 21st B-Day. Anyone ever been there? Whats it like? Is it like thousands upon thousands of Cheesecakes on Conveyor Belts surrounding you or what? I'm really excited. Bring on the Cheesecakes :D
  2. It's pretty cool. Got some good ass peanut butter cheesecake there last time Hella fat menu of food too
  3. The food is alright, but Ill give you 2 guesses as to whats really good there
  4. Hmm, the Cheesecakes and.....the Cheesecakes :p

    I hope, I'm not dissapointed. I remember as a kid going to Hershey Park, thinking it was going to be like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory LOL
  5. waitresses?
  6. Eh its not like that. Its more of a pretty nice restaurant with a large selection of cheesecakes. And a nice bar
  7. Yea iys alright, nothing fancy

    Nice resteraunt, good food, $8 a slice cheescakes, but they are good, someplace to def try out
  8. Foods pretty good, they give large portions. Plus the cheesecakes are amazing
  9. Everything is good there: food, drinks, cheesecakes, bitches

    The wait usually sucks tho
  10. This place is awesome I used to go here a few years ago best cheesecake blaze up you will be in heaven.
  11. I'm a huge fan of their chicken marsala personally.
  12. Its not like the wanka factory if thats what you're thinking
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    I love the wanker factory
  14. GTFO, Trump! :p

    I consider Cheesecake Factory to be a semi-fancy place. Fancier than Applebees but I don't feel underdressed at Cheesecake factory when I'm wearing shorts.

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