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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Han-ur-Scan, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. hey i got sombody selling what they call cheese havnt seen it but trust worthy person
    is it worth 25 a g or should i pass
  2. isnt cheese the weed thats dipped in acid? can u even smoke acid? hahahha
  3. i know you cannot smoke acid. acid can only be absorbed through mucous membranes. and i have never heard of a strain called "cheese" either. although there could be one.
  4. ait exactly what i thought probably not true so im gonna pass im sick of looking for new dealers that are willing to sell me a $100 quater a week thats 7gs being in a new town sucks
  5. $100 a 1/4 isnt bad if its dank shit.
  6. Cheese?That's a strain cultivated by Big Buddah Seeds. One of my favorites to throw in a salad all honesty, the bud does not taste that good and smells ALOT. But it does smell good. The high is pure and heavy, like kush, but doesn't throw you into couchlock mode.Buddy of mine had some before that i picked up from him. I was skeptical, but it's legit. I think i still have some, lol.
  7. Theres uk cheese which is a unique strain from the UK

    Theres Big Buddahs Cheese, which is uk cheese x some afghani strain by BB seeds

    Then theres Blue Cheese, BB cheese x Blueberry.

    Ive had all 3 and theyre all fucking nice! - You can tell if your getting the right thing, itll smell very much like cheese its very obvious
  8. cheese originated from a skunk 1 that had grown very well and cloned for numerios generations until it became so skunky that it had the smell of bad cheese i have had it 2 times and both times it stank so bad i was afraid to drive with it unless it was inglass igot my info about its origin in an 2007 hightimes artical so i tend to take kyle kushmans word for it

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