Cheese Strain Outdoors With Cool East Coast Temps

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AngryPossum, Sep 30, 2022.

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    My 2 Cheese Lady's are looking close to harvest, cloudy with some Amber Trichomes. I don't want to really cut them yet, but temps and weather will be ratty in the next few days. Should I wait. I planted them May 18th 2022. Photoperiods. I'll upload pics shortly.
  2. Some pics of plant and buds.

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  3. 2 Plants total.

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  4. 1 more. 20220930_094736.jpg
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  5. 1 plant looks more harvestable than the other I think.
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  6. Both of them looked to me like you're in the ballpark. They'll be a speedy or more hyperbuzz right now...wait a few more days and get more Amber in it you know? it'll get a little more couchlock to it.
    Looks good though.
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  7. Yeah i just buzzed a lot of the yellowed and older leaves on the plant for better air circulation so as not to have any moldy buds like i did last year. I think im gonna wait another week or 2. Thanks
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    Keeping your plant trimmed and manicured is the best bet to fight off mold and pests. Powdery mildew this time of year runs rampant through harvest Time. I keep my plants manicured constantly. I work at a commercial farm where we practice manicuring and manipulation of the plants.

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    Close another week or so and it should be done and ready for harvest.
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  9. I chopped a couple of my outdoor girls last Thursday. I'll chop a couple more in a week or so depending upon trichome color....My largest sativa still has at least 2-3weeks.... Not concerned about temps or rain...sure, may lose a few grams to bud rot but that's small potatoes
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  10. Yeah I been manicuring my big leaves now outside. It's crappy these past few days. I'll try and prevent the bud rot if I can. Cheese is pretty good, doesn't get any bud rot, but I'm still taking precautions.

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