Cheese Strain (Hydro) looking ill

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    Hi guys,

    I've been growing Cheese in a hydro system for the last 3 weeks now. I received the clones rooted, but small. They went under a 600w HPS running in an ebb and flow system.

    As the mother was grown directly in clay pebbles, the clones went into the same medium and not into rockwool as I usually do. I didn't want them to be overwatered.

    I flushed them for the first few days before applying my nutrients to the water - GHE Flora range and a bit of superthrive. First two weeks I was giving them 2.5ml per litre, for the last 10 days they've been receiving 7ml per litre of water. Ph was kept initially at around 6.5 - 7, but given the plants have been looking so tired I dropped it to 5.5 - no change. They are running on 6 now.

    I water the plants every hour for 30mins, i.e. 60mins dry, 30mins wet, 60mins dry. My previous grow, in rockwool, which constantly stays soaked, was truly great, but this time around it looks like the plants might be overwatered?! Older leaves are also showing yellow ends and brown, dry spots. However, this has been the case before I upped the ration of nutes, so I'm really not sure if it's this. The temp in the room and the reservoir are nice and cool, though I don't have a thermometer to check. I don't have an EC meter either.

    To summarise: plants look tired all the time, growth seems really slow (18hr cycle, btw), yellow/brown spots.

  2. hey all,

    i read through the pinned threads above and it seems like it's to do with overwatering? i've turned off the system now, but if this is the case then i feel it's kind of out of the ordinary.

    as mentioned, the previous grow was watered with the same timings and this sort of reaction as i'm currently experiencing seems quite out of the ordinary.

    any help/advice would still be much appreciated!
  3. Looks like a watering problem; too much/too little

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