Cheese Quake and Strawberry Daiquiri ~ TGA Subcool seeds

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    I recently bought a 5 pack of TGA's "Cheese Quake" seeds and was given a free 'tester' pack of a new strain from TGA Subcool named 'Strawberry Daiquiri'. All I know about the strain is that it is a collab. between Subcool and his wife Jill. They crossed 'Kyle Kushman's - Strawberry Cough' with 'Jack the Ripper'. From looking at info. on those strains I assume its probably gonna be around a 9 week strain...and frosty as f*ck :) . Besides that info. I have had no luck finding anything else about it (which makes sense being that its a very new strain), and am as of yet waiting on a reply to an inquiry I made through Subcools website...
    Almost all seeds popped within 48 hours :) crazy. Only had one of the Cheese Quake that did not pop, the rest did...obviously they are fresh! I accidentally broke the tap root on one of the Strawberry seedlings during transplant so it died (there were 10 in the tester pack), so there's 9 of those and then 4 of the Cheese Quakes.
    Anyone else get a tester pack? Let me know how yours are doing if so!
    Below are some photos of the seedlings which have been vegging under T5's for about 10 days or so. The white tabs are the Strawberry Daiquiri's and the yellow tabs are the Cheese Quake.
    This is my first grow journal ever, figured that would be a good time to do one since I'm trying these new genetics starting from seed. I live in a state where it is legal to use for medicinal purposes and I am a legal patient growing within my states legal limits. I will post updates and photos of their progress along the way...follow me on my journey to find the keepers :)


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    Seedlings have been vegging under the T5's in 4 inch square pots for about a month and its time for transplanting! Putting them in 1 gallon pots for now. Everyone's looking super healthy.
    Group shot in the first photo, and then a pic of a well rooted Strawberry Daiquiri being transplanted...

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  3. That SDAQ sounds great. The cherno we run has the jack in it and its just the bomb. We are trying to.get fuller buds but man I love.


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    My friend ran the quake a bit. Didn't keep it around but it was good.

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    Yeah I think almost any jack cross would be good. I used to have regular Strawberry Cough, not a huge yielder, but had such an amazing aroma. Hoping this hybrid will have a similar smell, but with an increased yield! Looking forward to getting these into the flowering room to test them out. First will need some more veg time, and once they get a bit bigger I have a pretty good eye for finding the males/females. I have heard good things about the cheese quake from a few other people. Has been one I wanted to try out for awhile. Hopefully there's at least one 'keeper' pheno out of each strain...just a matter of time to find that out ;)
  5. I've been able to pick out the males/females. Killed all the males... eventually I'd like to try my hand at breeding, but now is not the time, so they had to go!
    I am now left with 6 female Strawberry Daiquiri's and just 1 Cheese Quake female. I had hoped for more girls out of the Cheese Quake but that's part of the gamble when you get 'regular' non-feminized seeds...hopefully I luck out and the single Cheese Quake girl is a keeper. With 6 of the Strawberry Daiq. there HAS to be at least one keeper out of that, but we shall see...
    Below are a couple close up shots of the pre-flowers, first photo is of one of the Strawberry Daiq. girls, and the second shot of a Cheese Quake male...

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  6. Haven't updated for awhile, had some mites show up that I had to deal with for a bit, but now back on track!
    Just a shot of one of the Strawberry Daiquiri cuttings rooted:

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