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  1. Hi again GC, been a bit of time since I started up a thread again but thought I'd share my UK cheese grow with you as it seems like it's going to be exciting.:D
    I've been growing since december and havn't stopped since. This is officially my 3rd grow and most exciting one.

    First, the setup I'm running with is a DR120 tent (as always) with a 120mm carbon filtered extraction unit, a 600w hps, a 400w mh, a 110w daylight cfl (all used during flowering), 2 120mm computer fan intakes, and 3 oscillating fans.

    General temp's are 28.8-29.7 C lights on with humidity of 29-33 lights on.
    13.5-15 C lights off with a humidity of 89-100 lights off.
    My p.h is constantly at 6.2 and down to 6.0 with nutes.

    I'm feeding em Advanced nutrients sensi bloom A+B, Biobizz bloom, Biobizz topmax, Ionic Boost, Superthrive and canna P/K on 3rd week before flush.

    The girl's I'm running this time are The ORIGINAL UK cheese, I took the cuting's off a mother cheese I have in flowering that is due for chop on tuesday at 63days flowering and am running 3 of them.
    Then I have 4 big buddha cheese, one of which is the mother of the other 3 clone's and noticeable bigger, she had 2month's veg compared to her clone's 2week veg after rooting.
    Then as with the scenario with the big buddha cheese, I also have 3 LA Women going, one of which is the mother of the other 2 clones and also noticeable bigger. She vegged for just under 2 months and clones went 2 weeks.
    One Double bubbleberry with 2 weeks veg from seed,
    One chiesel with 2 weeks veg from seed
    One Blueberry with 3 weeks veg, clone taking off a flowering mother. She started flowering 1 day after flip to 12/12
    One SCH(super chesus haze) this is my homemade strain from my first crop that got seeded by a rougue hermie that I failed to spot. That actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the remaining seeded females threw out a batch of feminized seed's that are just beatiful to grow and always females, no hemies:D:D

    Most plants in my tent are already 2 foot with the smallest blueberry at a mere 9 inches. The BBC and LA clones a 1 foot.

    Ok, so with this thread, I'm gonna do it kinda different this time, I'm starting it from the the 2nd week flowering and I'm going to be using mainly video update's. So every1, if you will, pull up a seat, and join me for the next 8 week's as we watch these bitches fatten up:p

    So now it begin's, first bitch I'll show is my fat ass mother LA Woman as she begins to prepare to do her thang

    [ame=]YouTube - LA Woman[/ame]

    Then my big buddha cheese mother who only 2 days older than the LA from seed.

    [ame=]YouTube - Big Buddha Cheese[/ame]

    Now I got 3 video's of my UK Cheese clone's. They all went into flowering at 3 weeks from rooting and are tall as fuck. I LST'd one and she's still nearly 2 foot with 4 main top's but she actually vegged for like 4 weeks coz she rooted first. The other 2 are just over 2 foot tall and branching like crazy.

    UK Cheese with 4 tops

    [ame=]YouTube - UK Cheese 4 tops[/ame]

    UK Cheese

    [ame=]YouTube - UK CHEESE 1 week flowering[/ame]

    Her twin

    [ame=]YouTube - flowering UK Cheese, 1 week[/ame]

    And now before I show you guy's what my tent's actually looking like, just thought I'd throw up the UK Cheese clone's mother, she 1 week from harvest but not part of this journal but it's hard to miss her, she just slap bang right at the front of my tent lol

    [ame=]YouTube - UK Cheese 8 weeks flowering[/ame]

    And now my tent with all my girl's in sight. As you can imagine their's just too many to take individual pic's of so this is really the only way to see em all.

    [ame=]YouTube - Cheese, La woman, blueberry[/ame]
    And that's it for now. I'll try and update every week with fresh vidz and maybe pic's in between.
    Should get real exciting from week 4:hello::hello::wave:

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  2. You know im following. BTW The last bud was RED DRAGON bro. My last grow was blue cheese just carried on in that thred lol. In my op its nicer then blue cheese (but not taste wise).

    Anyway whens the next update!

  3. Wow, you think red dreagon's better than b.cheese :eek: you definately have to save me some. I chopped my cheese n widow 5 day's early (today) due to space resitriction's so that should be ready by next week then I'm comin to smoke somma dat dragon.
    I'm still looking foward to doing my blue cheese though, should be real fun. Their already working on their 2nd set of leaves, 2month's veg then their ready to begin :D:D

    I'll update the look of my tent without the cheese n widow in a few hour's, LA's running away with it while NON of the Big buddha'a have evn started :devious::devious:
  4. OK, so today's video update is still on the way (hopefully) just takin ages to upload so figured I'd throw up some pic's, at least to get that sign on my thread that say's pictures are attached.
    ??:confused:I wonder why there's no image to say vidz are attached:confused:??

    Actually, the vid don't look too possible today, it just failed at 78% after over an hour uploading lol, useless connection:p

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  5. Bruv you need to show me the soil road. I can always taste the difference betweem hydroweed and naturalweed. I clocked what you ment before by you can taste the earth..

    Get me on it!

    Girls look good. Loads sites everywhere

  6. Yeah the taste is very noticeable between soil n hydro, i was tempted to take the hydro route coz of yield but due to budgeting probz at the time I could only afford soil n boy am I happy I did.
    What do you need help with with soil, i'd happily help bruv, jus lemme kno;)
  7. Subscribed!
  8. Yo mate, 5 of 10 have cracked within 24 hours and the rest are just opening up! Just as quick as any other seeds :).

    Sweet bro
  9. They are nice dark green :) keep it up

  10. Told you they'd be quick bruv, their quite stabilized and your gonna love their speed of growth. I've actually kinda run out, you currently got more of my strain than I have, haha, eastman came and cleared me out. I might need like 10 off you;)

    Thanx zickzeed, I'll update again soon, they've really buffed up their lil budz, still waiting on BBchesse to begin.
  11. Yep! haha yep vigorous hybrid growth I bet. lool flipping heck. yer of course If i get a good female Il leave her over and then self the next batch for some more seeds (If it works) Wouldnt wont your genetics disappearing already!

  12. Ok, so I think it's just about the end of the second week of flowering and the girls are looking great :D
    The weather was beautiful today so I thought I'd let my vegging girl's get their first glimpse of real sunlight and they seemed to do2/3 days work in one day under sunlight. Here's a lil video of em

    [ame=]YouTube - My vegging girls getting their first taste of REAL SUNLIGHT[/ame]

    And now, todays update of my tent

    [ame=]YouTube - UK Cheese, BBCheese, LA Woman, end of second week flowering[/ame]

    What ya think so far..
  13. Yo mate, That SCH seedling looks nice mate! Im ready for a good run with them!. Flowering plants all looking nice and healthy to.

    Lots of cheese growing your way!
  14. Cheese is the best tasting strain that I've worked with, maybe not the strongest but nicest so I'm gonna stick with em :D:D
  15. I must say I do love cheese it brings me back to when I was young and the smell around south london streets, Lovely cheese.

    One downfall on my side is I get like an intolerance to it. After smoking like a q of just cheese I stop getting the buzz..

  16. Haha, me too, that's why I got different strains of cheese:D
    Original UK Cheese, Big Buddha Cheese, Blue Cheese, Chiesel (soma's diesel X big buddha cheese), SCH:D(Cheese X Haze) :D:D:D
    Also I'm looking to buy some swiss cheese seeds soon.
    Oh, I am however getting 2 seeds of feminized LSD of a m8. I'm looking very foward to getting these, they've already jumped in front of the que ahead of blue cheese for my next grow:hello::hello:
  17. Ahh now I see why so many different cheese strains lol. I heard LSD is the bangers and the threads on here look good to.

    I gotta go for some kush on the next grow but dj shorts grape krush sounds so nice :p

  18. If you start getting your next grow ready while flowering, your plants get nearly 2months veg and are fat for flowering and also save's you time as you can pop em straight in flowering when your sch finishes;)
  19. Yep.. Good thinking! that means I can defo do coco 2months of veg should be good :D.
  20. UPDATE

    So, my BBcCheese is finally ready to begin budding, by tommorrow she should have visible bud opening's and it's from then I'm gonna start counting flowering for her.
    For all girl's, I'm counting flowering as and when I see a Bud opening and after that I'm gonna leave em for 10 week's each therefore giving them a total of about 12 week's flowering.
    Obviously BBCheese is now running almost a week behind LA and UK so would be harvested later but it's actually good as I was recently thinking to myself, where in hell am I gonna hang all the buds come harvest :confused::p
    Also, I've been having heat issue's and just couldn't control em no matter how much I tried (due to this bloody extremely hot summerz weather we're having over here recently)so the only solution that I found that works ever so slightly is by switching off my 400w mh :(:(
    Even at that I'm still running at 31.8-32.4C :eek::eek: Better than the 33.9C I had earlier.
    So nearly at the end of the first week of flowering, the UK Cheese are 3 foot tallest with the other only 4inches behind while the LST'd 4 top girl is 2.5 foot tall. The LA Woman and both clones are all 20 inche's while the BBC is 2foot and all 3 clones are 1foot tall. Blueberry is a small un at 8inche's but the furthest into flowering, Oh and I added another SCH into the flowering tent today, she's been topped and looks a beaut.
    Chiesel, Bubbleberry and SCH have still not shown sex (although I know their female;)) and are max 1 foot tall but maybe a bit smaller:eek:

    Anyway, pic's :D:D:D:D:D
    1/2 pic is my 3 foot uk cheese
    3/4 pic id big buddha cheese mother
    5/6 pic is LA Woman mother (bloody stinky plant, she's the only smeller so far)
    Pic 7 is a LA woman clone (also fucking stinky:D)
    Pic 8 is my SCH, topped and just entered flowering tent as of tonight)
    Pic 9 is my very short blueberry
    Pic 10 is all my vegging girl's catching the sun..

    Group pic's to follow:hello:

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