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  1. Hi, Some one I know has 4 cheese plants that are looking a bit worse for wear! They are 9 weeks into veg from cuttings. 600w hps from start on 18/6. The temp is high 90's during lights on and RH is really low at about 36%. The plants are some what root bound. 
     I know they need to be cooler and the RH higher and also I know they could use some repoting (although they are in 1 gal pots). The biggest issue is yellowing leaves although the new growth is green as ya like. Any way any info would be nice.
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    it might be ph issues or nute burn ask your friend if he can test his ph and what nutes are being used.
    and yeah i would get them in bigger pots too as it will reduce the potential yeild loads 
  3. I have just started advising him and he has ph'd water around 5.9 so thats good now He has in the last week swapped from canna grow to ionic nutes. like i say they are looking better. He really needs to reduce temp and gain RH ? would that cause as drastic an issue as these ?
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    5.9 is really low tell him take ph level of soil as heres some charts for ph and cannabis . if his ph in soil is also low like that  hes getting major nute lockout which can affect the plant this bad

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  5. cheers man.
  6. i readded the charts as in attachment wasnt that visable :)
  7. also tell him dont feed it any more nutes untill the ph is sorted other wise he will get nute build up and could really damage the plant :)

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