cheese greenhouse version sativa pheno?

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  1. Hi,

    I am doing 1 of these and it is in week 5 flower, 15ltr pot soil, it looks full on sativa? stretchy and hardley any leaves but loads of bud sites and it smells really sweet. seems to be takin ages to fill out? is this normal for cheese? has any 1 else had same results?

    thanks in advance
  2. cheese is REALLY skunk #1. it's just a specific pheno of that strain that's extra stinky. as Sk1 is 75% sativa, it would make sense that cheese stretches
  3. I grew it last year and seemed indica like, it was extremely short and decent flowering time ( mid oct ), smellyed cheesy after breaking it up.
  4. thanks,

    it seems more like super silver haze to me i read somewhere that ghs got some batches of seeds mixed up does any 1 no anything about that?
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    Most Cheese strains I have come across are more geared toward High/ Smell and taste with yield being last :p

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