Cheering over a Death?

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    I am absolutey disgusted with how most Americans are cheering the death of a person, Osama Bin Laden. The video of people on front of the White House is what did it for me. Take out the American flags and english in the videos, and it mirrors what rhe so called "terrorists" did in the streets of the Middle East after the 9-11 incident.
    The people who cheer and are joyous over the death of a human are no better than the terrorists themselves. A human life is as precious as the next.
    We need to stop and look at it from another point of view other than the arrogant and cocky American point of view that majority of the population possess. In their eyes, we are the "Non-Believers"(since we do not agree and believe in their religion) invading their own homeland. No wonder they are fighting back to protect their land and beliefs that they have had and trusted for ages. From a view from outside, we are truly the ones that look evil, invading and killing innocent people and killing a leader in their land.
    So in conclusion, lets not stoop their level and cheer on death of another human being. It's disgusting and disturbing.

    EDIT: To make things clear, I am not saying Bin Ladens death was a bad thing, it's a good thing he is dead, but it's nothing to cheer about.
    Might and well, throw a match into a bucket of gas with our heads still in it.
    my 2 cents.
  2. yawn.
  3. I'm sorry, am I boring you?
  4. I disagree i think human life is worthless lmao:smoke:
  5. yawn is right, thank god hes dead, it has brought a lot of closure for a lot of people. Would you rather have him alive still? Your probably a big conspiracy theorist eh?

    I loved the SNL skit about his death. CNN is always reporting on how he didn't have a gun. SNL pretty much said dont worry we wont care this time lol. Maybe i'm just too high.

  6. It won't solve anything anyways:rolleyes:
  7. It wont solve anything at all, I agree there but there are a lot of families who got a little closure. Think of the people on that Philly plane. Things wont change too much the only thing we can hope for is that people got closure and maybe just maybe it might throw a wrench in something.
  8. I feel sorry for you than bro. You've lost faith in humanity all together?

    This has nothing to do with conspiracy theories toots. Buts it's truly interesting that that is what you immediately think when you hear something threatening to your own beliefs. Tells alot about yourself.
    I am simply stating that it's fucking disgusting to cheer a persons death. Why didn't everyone light a candle and unite as a whole and remember and acknwledge all the innocent deaths and lives lost from all that has happened since it all started. Why cheer?
    and no... I don't want him alive stil. I never said that or anything close to that.
    just think it's wrong to be joyous and happy over a death of a human. That's terroristic and evil and nasty.

  9. Obviously there are families that felt closure that were directly affected somehow by osama bin laden, but don't sit here and try and tell me that all the yellling and cheering and joyous people on videos all over the US are those people you speak of.
  10. He was like the 2nd worst person in history (first being hitler) and we killed him. The whole world is celebrating.
  11. [ame=]YouTube - Outside White House after Bin Ladens Death Madness, and Geraldo Rivera[/ame]

    look how embarrassing and silly these people are acting. It's sad. Focus on the people and how stupid they soind.

  12. actaully i am not a bro lol i am a girl and yes i have pretty much.
  13. lol those are a select few idiots outside the white house, reminded me of the leprechaun video lol. Anyways there was no one celebrating around here, pretty sure the main celebrations were at white house, ground zero, and L.A.

    Osama killed about 3,000 people or something like that on 9/11.

    He is a bad man.

    I'm glad he is dead.

    I didn't celebrate, but I wanted too.

  14. Humans suck. Of all the creatures on this planet, humans deserve to be here the least.

    There are currently about 5 billion too mnay humans on this planet. I have a lot more cheering to do yet.

  15. In whos eyes are you lookin' through?
    One could say Hitler was one of the most powerful, infuentual, and intelligent people in the world, right up the with ceasar, obama, and stalin, and is not considered to be false.

    haha, I apologize sista! But for real, if you give up on humanity than there os no chance.

  16. yes he is. It's a good thing he is dead. But lets not celebrate it. This is not the ending of anything, other than the most expensive and longest game of hide n seek in history.

  17. Yes....

  18. Your right humans suck, so why don't YOU do something about it! Spread the love! Share with people the goodness in life! Be the influence that we desperately need in times like this!
    And yes the world is over populated. Something needs to be done.

  19. Why? Cuz I think cheering about a humans death is wrong?
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    You clearly dropped out of highschool.

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