Cheech Micro Showerhead bubbler pickup + BC Purple Kush

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    I recently moved from Toronto to Victoria for school, and have made my first glass pick up on the island. I picked up a 11" Cheech Micro Showerhead bubbler for $110 including tax. The bubbler came with a disc diffused bowl, which I think is too large for a bubbler it's size. There's also some Purple Kush from a recent pick up, the price was much more competitive than Toronto. 4.5G of Purple Kush for $30 through pitching on a half ounce as a first pick up.

    What do you think about this pick up?

    Also, looking into buying a vape either portable or desktop to use with this bubbler as well as a stand alone vaporizer. My price range is ~$150, was looking into the Arizer Solo for a portable or Da Buddha as a desktop vape, and wouldn't mind buying second hand either. Any suggestions on other vaporizer's for this setup and situation would be appreciated!

  2. Not a fan of cheech and be careful of backsplash, take small tokes from that bong.
  3. Nice bong man how do you like it?
  4. I think the bent neck it has prevents most if not all the back splash, even when really ripping on it, but your right on the small tokes.

    The bong is quite nice, but I think I would like it more if I use it with a vape, or get an ice pinch or disc diffused snapper bowl for smoking needs.
  5. Please do me a favor op. If you see anymore cheech don't buy it. All cheech glass does is steal designs from American artist and sell them in Canada because they can't be sued due to laws. If you don't care that's fine but ill tell you right now you wont get much love on these forums for cheech glass.
  6. Wow, I didn't know that, but thanks for letting me know. I have a friend who was looking to buy a bubbler, when I was buying mine. I might be able to sell this one to her if she's interested, and then get myself an introductory scientific piece!

    My budget is $150 and I'm looking for a 12-14" stemless piece with good diffusion and minimal drag. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I mainly picked this bubbler up because I wanted some smaller to rip and this would pair nicely with a vape. I'm looking into the arizer solo, but any suggestions in that field within the ~$160 price range would be appreciated!
  7. Yeah super easy to make a profit when you let Toro do all the research and design work, and use glass imported from China/India.


    But I digress, some people just want to get high so a cheap imitation will do, while others have a passion for glass art and like to support the innovators of the glass industry.
  8. These people bitching about cheech always make me laugh =p
  9. I could not agree anymore dembones. It is seriously pathetic that people try and dictate what others purchase. If they do not have the budget for brand name proven percs, why not shop around for the knock off that is cheaper? OH MY GOD STOLEN DESIGNS. Everyone who claims this against cheech, do you realize where half the shit we as Americans consume or view? Even the art we choose to like are influenced from previous styles, shall we call that stolen too?

    To each their own but I find opinions against cheech like this are ridiculous when there is so much copying in any form of production. Look at Apple and Samsung :p
  10. I didn't wanna have to say it but everything in our modern day life was stolen at one point...welcome to democracy!

  11. Blah Blah Fuckin Blah, I'm so sick of you people bitching about "stolen ideas" , it's how the market works people. If you dont like it, dont buy it, the people who dont care will.
  12. I agree with a lot of people in this thread. Yes, it's not right to steal peoples designs...but that is how the real world is. Anyone in this thread work in the corporate world at all?? You're in for a big surprise if you think everything these days in original.

    With that being said, OP if you enjoy the design then fuck what everyone else has been saying. The regular Toro micro is around $300-350. Seeing as that is out of your price range I don't see a problem with you buying the cheech variant. People are talking about it stealing business from the companies that make the original design, but like 80% of the time people buy cheech glass its because they couldn't afford the original in the first place....meaning that company wouldn't have gotten that persons business anyway.

    To be honest Cheech glass may be selling knockoffs, but they are some damn good knockoff's for the price. If a local blower made that you guys would scoop it up in a fucking heart beat.

    To the OP, if you decide to sell the cheech to your friend I would check out the SSFG (soulshine family glass) stemline hybrid. It's in your price range, around the same size, and the stemline will stack a little bit better.
  13. Did you folks even see the OP's response to the info shared about Cheech?

    Wow, I didn't know that, but thanks for letting me know.
  14. Which could be a polite way to say "thanks for telling me, however I don't care."
  15. OK see I myself lampwork. So I personally would be upset if I spent time out of my life to design the perfect perk. Only for some shady company to come out from under a rock and steal the design and get it made over seas for cheap. I personally prefer to support a artist and his own designs. It's your call what you want to do. I feel its best to enlighten people of the theft that goes on. It is there call from there is they want to support that or the genuine artist. If you knew someone was breaking into peoples homes would you sit there and let it happen or would you do something about it? Like I said I am not forcing him to do anything just trying to enlighten the man. I will continue to do so everytime I see cheech glass brought up. I'm sorry if you don't like it but it's something I feel strongly about. Good day guys and buy whatever brand glass you like. Just be smart and informed.
  16. Cheech is a crazy sick brand if you live in canada, they look soooo nice and who cares if they steal designs like the honeycomb and tire perc, he spent 3xs less then the bong with the same specs. Yea his will bubble less and stuff but are you guys not gunna drink pepsi cause it tastes like coke? He bought it for $110, now he has a stemless shower head, doesnt sound too bad of a buy to me

    By the way cheech is pretty quality i own one, glass is nice and heavy. Youd be surprised for quality for something thats made in china

  17. Cannot really attach burglarizing a house to stealing a creative idea? And honestly glass is art, and every kind of art has inspiration from previous art forms. So in reality almost everything in production today has been stolen at least once.

    I mean seriously, how many freaking artists do you know that use tree percs? And who was the original creator (fuck if I know because so many have replicated it). Nothing new here with Cheech's practices.
  18. Stealing ideas? You fucks (me included) live in a nation based off taking what isn't ours. The man has a budget and got a good tube at that.
    He may be like me, the fuck am I going to pay 300-400 for a 6 inch piece of unworked glass that has "toro" written on it. Oh quality control-_- fuck that if I drop both from 2 feet both will be un usable.
    The problem with the glass world isn't cheech
    It's the snobby toro nutswingers that need to get over themselves.

    Hey were all in it to blaze right?
  19. wow.....all my ideas were stolen and made cheap in china
  20. That bubbler is sexy

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