Cheech Micro Showerhead Bubbler, Looking for first portable vapoorizer for set up!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DJTHESOUND, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I recently moved from Toronto to Victoria for school, and have made my first glass pick up on the island. I picked up a 11" Cheech Micro Showerhead bubbler for $110 including tax. The bubbler came with a disc diffused bowl, which I think is too large for a bubbler it's size. There's also some Purple Kush from a recent pick up, the price was much more competitive than Toronto.

    What do you think about this pick up of the bubbler and bud?

    Also, looking into buying a vaporizer either portable or desktop to use with this bubbler as well as to be used as stand alone vaporizer. This would be my first vaporizer and my price range is ~$150, was looking into the Arizer Solo for a portable or Da Buddha as a desktop vape. I think the Arizer would be better for me because it offers portability as well as good vapour production and would be good as a stand alone vaporizer or paired with this bubbler. I wouldn't mind buying second hand either so if any one knows where I can get these vapes or any other vaporizer suggestion for this setup and situation, your input would be appreciated!

  2. I'd go with the da buddah, IMO it is one if the best whip style vapes. Nice pick ups btw
  3. For a home vape to be used through a bubbler, NOTHING can beat either the Cloud, the LSV or the VripTech.
  4. for what you want the ^ cloud (VapexHale Cloud) is supposed to be the best, it's designed for vaping w a waterpipe.
  5. This, and a special +1 for the LSV.

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