Cheech and Chong- Born in East L.A.

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  1. So im sitting here on my couch smoking a blunt watching Cheech and Chong Born in East L.A. and the funniest shit ever goes down in the movie. The part where he's trying to teach the indian/chinese people in Mexico how to walk like a thug or some shit. I literally have tears coming out of my eyes because I was laughing so hard.:D

    TLDR: Cool Story Bro :smoke:
  2. Haha and the part when the Mexican gives the picture a beer because he thinks its a god or some shit when its really just the answering machine behind the picture.
  3. I like this movie but it's not cheech and chong it's just cheech sooo...yea -.-
  4. Classic movie. They even got a purple haze clip
  5. Has anyone seen Far Out Man with Tommy Chong?
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    Such a funny movie! His real life wife and daughter have roles in the movie.

    Nice call!

    My favorite has to be Nice Dreams..but this is also funny.
  7. I bought the soundtrack when i was 14 cause i thought it would be funny. well i was right. HIlarious.

  8. Haha that was a good movie :smoke:

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