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Cheech And Chong album rolling paper.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by krnicsmker, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. so i saw my buddy last hempfest with a cheech and chong record rolling paper its huge!.
    ever since then ive been trying to roll one up.
    if anyone knows what im talking about do you know where i can get the album.?
    it would be much appreciated.!
    thanks. :gc_rocks:
  2. Just Get A super blunt there bigger and cost $12
  3. yeah ive seen those two. but idk if you have seen this but its a record also and its pretty bad a*s i must say.

  4. When i was younger my buddy had that album and I thought it was the coolest thing ever that the record sleeve was made for papers.

  5. yeah im tring to get my hands on one !:D
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    The record with the paper in it is worth FAR more than the paper itself. I still have a copy of it somewhere WITH the paper in it, and I'm never going to use it, that's just stupid. It's worth more as a collector's item.

    And it's in the album Big Bambu their second album, and only in the first couple of pressings. You can find them on eBay pretty regularly now, a few years ago they were more rare. You can expect to pay between $10 and $50 depending on the condition of the record and the paper. Keep in mind that it's 36 years old at this point. Do you really want to be smoking a joint made out of paper that's 36 years old?
  7. well it might seem gross to be 36 years old.
    but it will probably smoke the same.
    i still want to roll one up thanks for the info tho.
  8. Did the rolling paper come inside of a old Cheech and Chong Album

    if so dose it say something along the lines of "put inside" in spanish

    because my dad has that record and the paper is huge.
  9. I had that album when it came out. Me and my buds rolled a two ounce joint outta that sucker. The roach lasted forever.
  10. im glad some of you guys know what im talking i need to get one.
    i mean wh owould turn down a two oz j. seriously :D:D
  11. i wouldnt^ ahahahahahaahahahaa
  12. Would that be kinda like the J that they smoked in "Up in Smoke", because that thing was friggen huge!
  13. my uncle had that album and the rolling paper, he said back in the day, he and his buddies rolled a big ass joint. btw its on the big bambu album
  14. hey man, the name of the record was called (rightfully) "THE BIG BAMBU". i found one at a second hand record shop and pulled out the huge rolling paper. it is, indeed, pretty huge, but i wouldnt smoke one of those. the paper is not really rolling paper paper, but bible paper (even though some people smoke those, i wouldnt)

    the paper they have is awesome though. it has a waterleaf picture of cheech and chong and i think says the big bambu on it somewhere. it was awesome i hope i can get it sometime.

    as far as the paper goes, you could probably find a giant paper somewhere and roll up a major fatty. i think grasscity has paper cones for really big joints (not godly massive like the big bambu, but pretty damn big, at least 2 blunts worth)

    good luck on getting the paper and the record.
  15. I am looking to sell our Cheech & Chong "Big Bambu" album. It has the large rolling paper in perfect condition, as well as the album, cover, album sleeve and the included rolling paper with the watermark photo of cheech and chong...2/7/09 :smoking:
  16. I have two copies, both in NM condition with rolling paper.
  17. My friends dad told us about rolling with one of those papers. He said they got it when it came out and had some homegrown to smoke it with while they listened to it for the first time. I think it would be crazy to smoke with one of them old ass papers.
  18. It's the rolling paper from Up in smoke... its giant... for those of you that have seen the movie you will know what im talking about...

  19. I've seen them at used CD stores. Honestly if you got the extra money, go for it.

    If I had one it would go on my wall. Even if I had pounds of weed, I still wouldn't smoke out of the thing. Like said above it's a collectors item.
  20. scammer.


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