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**Cheeba chews**

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ripdatshit, May 4, 2011.

  1. I'm getting a quad dose hybrid cheeba chew. has anybody ever tried a cheeba chew? if so what were the effects like?
  2. I ate an entire quad dose Cheeba Chew and 3 hours later I was the highest I've ever been. It was actually too intense and I found myself having to lay down on my bed. After a few minutes of just laying there high as fuck, I fell asleep for 14 hours. I woke up feeling very refreshed.

    Next time I'll only eat 1/4 of the Cheeba Chew, 1/2 of it max. It is easily the most potent edible I've ever had, and I have a rather high tolerance.
  3. never even heard of those dispensarys around here dnt carry those
  4. if you eat the whole thing, prepare to get mind fucked.
  5. Well, i got a Quad dose Indica Cheeba Chew, i had never heard of them before but my buddy from Colorado brought a bunch with him when he visited i paid $20 and i think im just gonna eat the whole thing so wish me luck i'll report later:wave::smoke:

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  6. They're strong, but the quad dose should only be like 75mg. Seeing that you paid $20, I would try to get the most out of it.

    I would split it into two 37.5mg doses,eaten with normal food to increase rate of metabolism. I have found that cheeba chews only don't get you high at all, or get you fucking high. So don't bother cutting it into fourths etc.
    Have a good time man :wave:

    Edit: The effects are a more intensified plateau lasting 1-4 hours. Your eyes will be red. You will probably just feel the highest you have felt while smoking, but won't come down as fast.
  7. Cheeba Chews will get you straight blasted. Love those things.
  8. I've had many edibles before so i have a good idea what kinda of high you get from consuming cannabis, i was gonna cut it in half but i thought it would be kinda fun to see what the whole thing is like , i already ate it all anyways so too late now right:D i cant wait to get that sudden realization of " holy $h!t i'm baked" but ill report back when i feel i've reached my peak and give you my thoughts;)
  9. You my friend are in for a good time. Pretty jealous of you right now :smoke: enjoy!
  10. Thanks for the kind words, hope you have somethin good to smoke/dab/vape/eat:smoking:

  11. Yeeeee, about to put a half gram of wax in my dome :D
  12. Ate a deca dose cheeba chew and it tore me up. Slept for days.. Love the sativa quad dose though those are a good mind fuck. You guys should try 2 sativa quad dose. Best head high ever. Space time
  13. I got a quad and ate it before a strip club in vegas after being on a t-break.

    I tipped no strippers haha I just sat there and stared at shit.

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