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Cheeba Chews

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by grow master 4, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Has anybody tried Cheeba Chews?? I like the deca dose hybrids that contain 175mg. Watch out though if you decide to eat the whole thing because its safe to say you will b couch lock for a couple hours.. They also have pure indica/sativa ones @ 75mg and just CBD ones @ 75mg. Hope you can try these some day because you will love them I sure do..

  2. I tried a quad dose of the indica for the first time last week. I believe it was 75mg, It kinda made me a lil sleepy but I didnt feel a whole lot TBH
  3. I like CCs. They are a product with a history of quality. I am in CO and I have come to prefer other brands of edibles, however. 
    At this time my favorite brand is Sweet Mary Jane. They have a full line of edibles. I love their "Day Trippers" with 150 mg of Sativa based THC - for $10! They have a product I have not tried yet but will soon. It is called "Coconut Bliss" and has 1500 mg for $40. That is a lot of doses for $40!
  4. Cheeba Chews suck, they taste nasty and don't even hit hard.
  5. they are pretty solid. definitely worth the price tag.
    do you guys find that your tolerance to edibles is much lower the day after (the same does doesn't get me nearly as medicated as the same one the day before)?
    are there any medicinal users that need this on daily basis?
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    yes, I am always complaining that edibles screw up my tolerance. I can't seem to get stoned for about 3 days after I've eaten something. 
    I love edibles, but I hate that part.
    BTW, what are cheeba chews? I have not seen those in any dispensary here in Oregon.
  7. I like edible herb.
    I've seen them around, I really want to try the CBD cheeba chew, I'd like to see how high-CBD helps my GI issues.
    I don't find eating edibles affects my tolerance too much, I feel like mixing methods of ingestion helps too, as does sticking vaping oil for the most part.
    Lately I've been eating a little piece of a 3x Bhang Bar every day in the morning to help my digestion, I find it really helps and is much smoother than taking Marinol or simply smoking enough to overcome my morning nausea.
  9. I really want to try them.. somebody knows whats a good dose for first time edible?
  10. I'm glad you're all talking about the mg of candy in the dispensaries. I hate it when I get way too high when I need to be out  somewhere. I hate it just as much when I eat it and feel nothing. It's been pretty tricky for me to find the right mg from dispensary candy.
    I don't have that problem when I make things with my butter, as long as I don't eat too much batter when I am making brownies.
  11. I had the quad dose hybrid and it was nasty !! The taste was disgusting and since it's chewy it kinda gets stuck in your mouth and the taste lingers until u get it all down. It was very potent tho. I saw more of a body high than head high and it kicked in pretty quick

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