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  1. Hi all,

    First time grower in Canada taking advantage of the 4 legal plants we can grow now. I've taken some pictures of buds using a usb microscope and have 2 things i'm hoping I can get help with:
    1. I've looked at the pictures and I'm interpreting this as 50% clear and 50% white trichromes with no amber so far. I believe this is not ready and will most likely be ~2 weeks before harvest. Would a more experienced grower take a look and see if I got this right. I've heard early harvest can have a more cerebral high. It's still too early for this type of harvest right?
    2. I'm having a really hard time taking pictures of the trichomes while on the plant because because it's really hard to hold it still enough while focusing. The pictures I've included I did by cutting of one small bud off and putting it on the table and using the microscope stand. This makes it very easy to focus. Anybody got any tricks to share?

    Details in case they are relevant:
    - organic soil grow
    - using scrog with 4 plants in a grow tent
    - using 2 LED lights (one 1000W white, 600W one burgle)
    - strain - Tweed Bakerstreet (one of the few legal seeds we can get currently)

    Photo on 2019-07-25 at 2.19 PM #2.jpg Photo on 2019-07-25 at 2.20 PM.jpg Photo on 2019-07-25 at 2.16 PM #2.jpg Photo on 2019-07-25 at 2.18 PM #2.jpg
  2. Those are excellent pictures. If you smoke those cloudy ones now you will get stoned. Harvesting anything clear is the ultimate waste of time. Not all strains go amber. By the time those clear ones go cloudy the cloudy ones should be perfect. The amber heavy myth I don't believe has been scientifically proven. I suspect amber is just the color older trichs get. Some of my sativas never go amber but turn a really gross looking grey. It's probably the highest percentage of cloudy that gets the best buzz, rather than how amber. At any rate, not only is harvesting clear several months worth of wasted work, but then it also pollutes the potency of the cloudy and amber buds in the final stash. 2 weeks is a good guess, but if those were mine I'd probably check every day. They will benefit from being rotated.
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  3. I got some seeds for this strain can you take a picture of the plant and a whole bud for me by any chance? I heard they grow all mutant like sharp and twisted wierd leaves and stuff is yours growing normally?
  4. Talkative has a point not all strains go amber ,
    My last northern lights didn't.
    Those milky trichs gonna give you a nice energetic head high .
    I'm seeing some clear so I'd let them rude a bit longer myself.

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  5. I see a few ambers

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  6. Thanks for the advice. I have read not all go amber. I'll follow your advice and check daily. If by the time all are cloudy I get some amber then cool. If not but I'm not seeing many clear then I'll harvest.

    I'm not sure what you mean by rotated? are you talking about revenging them? or rotating the plant aka spinning it around?
  7. Sure thing. They are very flat as I topped them at 4 notes and topped again after they grew out then I used a net to scrog(as best I could anyways). The first few are recent and the last one is when I repotted during Veg.

    As you can see I got a bit of nutrient burn. I was doing a soil grow and was worried not enough amendments so I purchased an organic liquid nutrient. Edge of the leafs got burned. I suspect to much nutes so I stopped with the nutes went back to water and top coating and teas and they seem to have recovered.

    20190717_163619_resized.jpg 20190717_163613_resized.jpg 20190717_163538_resized.jpg 20190521_165743_resized.jpg
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  8. Nice there looking pretty good! Crazy how sativa they look for a pure indica though I can kind of see the twisted sharp leafs on yours too wierd strain mutation looks like some good stuff though cant wait to grow minr out next grow I'm currently growing some grape ape just kicked them into flower the other day.i use soil too and use the hollands secret personal grow box it's like 108$ at any peavey mart and it's meant for cannabis and I just follow thr nute schedule on the back for veg and bloom and never have a problem you should check those out there completely mineral salt free and work great for soil some smell kind of fishy and flowery but it's good stuff!

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  9. I know what you mean. The package says "Indica" on it and it was purchased directly from a legit retailer (fire and flower). The leaves look narrow and it grows fairly aggressively. A friend was growing some beside some white widow that I believe is a balanced hybrid. The tweed bakerstreet looks the same as mine and grew taller and had noticably narrow leaves then the white widow. I'm pretty sure these are real seeds as I purchased mine from a local retailer in commercial packaging and he ordered his through the government website. Both look the same tall growing with narrow leaves.
  10. That's the government's quality for you I guess Haha or tweed but ya they come in that black packaging like a shatter pack almost but bigger. I believe that is the legit strain they call bakerstreet it's just wierd as hell it grows more sativa like Haha super skinny leaves I got this grape ape with a purple indica cross right now has the widest leaves I have ever seen so fat.

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  11. Yes, rotating the plant. Often the remaining clear are simply not getting enough intense light. Light is everything when it comes to the bud. Give everybody a chance every 24 hours. 1/4 turn will do.
  12. So took some more pictures today. Figured I'd post them since you are thinking of growing the same strain. I'll say the buds have thickened up since last pictures I took. I also took some pictures of the plant from the side if that is useful.
    20190729_113323_resized.jpg 20190729_113343_resized.jpg 20190729_113437_resized.jpg 20190729_113246_resized.jpg
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  13. I had not thought of that. Sounds like a good idea. I do have them going through the net for Scrog but the net isn't doing anything anymore as obviously there isn't any LST in week 8 of flower. I wonder if I should remove the netting and start to rotate the plans to give them better light exposure.
  14. I had a plant with really long colas,and the tops were amber but the bottoms were still clear. So I came up with the bright idea to harvest the top half and let the bottoms get good light. Don't ever do that. Horrible idea. Those bottom buds don't have what it takes to be top buds. But you can kind of see on any cola where the good light stops and things start getting clear. However, if you chop at the trunk you can selectively harvest.
  15. Looking good man how is the smell is it pretty stinky? In your first picture it looks like the plant starting going hermi or Its making a seed or something that yellow spot in the bud, you should check that out and make sure it's not a banana.
  16. Thanks. I'll check it out tomorrow as the ladies are already in dark cycle. As for smell it stinks to high heaven. Again this is my first grow so not sure what normal smells like but the odour is super strong. I had read that the plants didn't start to smell till flower. They already had a pot smell in mid veg but nothing like this. When I open up the tent it stinks my entire house up in about 10 minutes.

    So that first bud that I took pictures of the trichomes I chopped it off so I could get it steady under the microscope. I didn't want to waste it so I dried it in a food dehydrator (I know this is bad and not the plan for the real harvest) and smoked it. Even with 1/2 the trichomes clear it was pretty darn strong. It wasn't smooth or anything but it wasn't that harsh either. For 1/2 ripe, quick dried and non-cured bud seemed really good. Now pretty excited for the real harvest. Figuring with the fully ripe, slow dried and cured might end up being really good. I had assumed my first grow would be an total disaster but this isn't looking that bad.
  17. Thanks for the idea. I'm going to try to harvest everything in one go. The smell is ultra strong so I want to use to grow tent (with lights turned off) for drying so I can use the carbon filter. I know bright light is a no-no when drying. I could rig up some sort of light proof box had that inside the grow tent but since you want different humidity when drying doesn't seem like the best idea. All the plants are looking like they are going to be ready around the same time so chopping everything at once would make life easier.

    As for tall Colas I wonder if people try anything to let light near the bottom. I wonder if you could do LED light strips around the edge of the tent. I know some people do that with space buckets but not sure if that would be good or not.
  18. Nice that's what I like to hear lol. Your plants look awesome for your first time These pictures are from my first grow 2 summers ago, they did half there life outside and other half inside by the window till I got the tent and led. Dealt with with so many problems at first then bugs specifically root aphids and thrips all throughout early flower till harvest. I thought it was going to be garbage pretty much and it turned out to be some of the best tasting and most potent bud I have ever had in my life! I put it through a fuck ton of stress though that could have been why it was so potent. The smell was so hardcore i could smell it from the end of my driveway before even walking towards my house was crazy lol skunky grape smell.

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  19. I just did the same thing. I set up what I call a "drying" room ha,ha. I found it was almost easier to control temp/light/humidity in a larger area than it was to try to create a perfect "drying box". I ended up making sort of a corn crib out of wooden crates.
    People claim the new genetics are so powerful, but I think what it really is, pot harvested right and handled well retains more potency. That stuff on the street was wacked when it was safe and stuffed in a duffle bag and stored in a 100 degree truck before somebody manhandled it once again into little plastic bags.
  20. Ya I agree. I'm sure good genetics don't hurt but I think some TLC while growing combined with proper drying/curing makes a huge difference. I assume your harvest last a bit. How do you store it after it's cured? do you just keep it in Mason Jars in a dark area? or do you do anything fancy?

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