Checking quality of glass: what to look for

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  1. In the next few days I am purchasing a Sgw bong. It will probably have a waffle
    Perc and a 8arm tree perc.

    I'm curious what to look for to make sure everything is right, not broken. I'm curious as to if there is a good way of examining the Percs to make sure every thing is ok. I want to know where cracks will be prevalent and any other specific tests/ things I should be aware of when I'm making my purchase.

    If you'd like more detail, pls pm me or post in the thread.

    Thanks all!
  2. Well wherever you see pieces have to be connected, check the welds on them, and check to make sure any slits etc. Are straight, even, and smooth on the cuts.
    Being as my knowledge on glass is, well, mediocre at best. This is all I can help out with.
    Good luck bro, and enjoy.
  3. sgw makes some fiiiiiine glass. As long as it rips and feels sturdy i say buy it. Oh yea its reasonable priced for what your getting.
  4. is sgw stone glasssworks? if so my buddy has one of those, stemless waffle to ten arm Luke wilson. what I'd say to look for is perfectly straight welds, super solid and thick welds and just the glass finish. look at every single piece of glass used to make it, hold it up to light and make sure nothing has cracks as well, I always do that when buying second hand.
    common places where cracks would form are just the joints and welds, and any hole in the perc the has a corner. rounded cuts in glass don't crack as easy as cuts with points in them. not saying its a normal place but if you're dropping a lot of cash(buddy's was $450), I'd look at every little thing just to be safe.
  5. Look at the thickness of the glass.
    Look for any visual things that don't belong on brand new glassware.
    Look at the welds(the seams where he joins the glass), you shouldn't be able to tell it's 2 pieces of glass welded together. You want it to just look like 1 piece of glass.

    Everyones else has stated the rest, and I repeated some.

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