Checking her ass out and she notices

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  1. So I had been talking to this girl for about a month. We went out twice and it was ok. She wasnt that much fun and her body was ok.
    Then, on one occassion we were over at one of her friends house and she was sitting infront of me, as we were all sitting in a circle discussing politics strategies. It was a work/fun meeting. It was lame and hella boring.
    Not being one to be caught off guard, I smoked two blunts before showing up. Of course I showered and hit the eye drops before I went to the meeting.
    So she is sitting in the chair infront of me about 6 or 7 feet from me
    Im high as shit. So Im just blankly staring into space. But Im looking directly at her.
    She then stands up to move her chair because someone had to get through.
    She stands up and turns because the chair is heavy, giving her back to me. I proceed to look at dat ass.
    Mostly because I couldnt figure out what type of ass she had. Everytime we went out or I would see her she would wear long shirts or dresses. That day she was wearing jeans. But they weren't all that nice.

    But as I am checking her ass, she turns around and says something to me. I quickly look at her face an realize she caught me looking. She gave me the dirtiest look ever. I must have been staring real obvious.

    Anyway, we never went out after that cause she went on vacation and I texted twice and called once only to get her voicemail.

    I believe my checking of dat ass is what blew my chances. But I dont care. Her ass was weirdly shaped just as I had expected. She had a flat butt, nice hips, but skinny legs. Like, it was wide but flat.

    However, I feel bad that she caught. I must be more stealth thenext time I rate a booty.

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  2. No chance of smashing? Those two L's faded you too far
  3. do girls realli get mad when men stare at their ass? i always thought they took it as a compliment :confused_2:
  4. Nah bro. She was a real classy girl. Like, real classy. Maybe I was just out of my league.
    The booty was a let down tho.
  5. I guess if they like you, no. If they dont like you they migh just think ure a creep. Like in this experience
  6. I dont get mad if guys stare... I half expect guys to do it. Shit, I check out bitches asses too. Its all good
  7. You a lie!
    If you caught me with that expression (the pic i posted) u wouldnt be bothered just a little bit??
  8. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The cat picture killed me man lol. Fuck it man. She had a sliding board ass. Not much you can do with that.
  9. Yeah man that pic had me rollin too! Its f'n hilarious. And I can swear thats probably how my face looked when she saw me/ caught me.
    Thumbs down on flat booties for sure!
  10. I mean, if you guys were already "talking to each other," she shouldn't have gotten mad. Maybe you were waiting to long to express sexual interest. You should be able to look at her ass without shame. Friend zoned? I mean, girls I've known have seen me check them out, I just give them a smile and flirt with them.

  11. Lmao. No, I'd just laugh and walk away. If someone had the balls to stare at someone with that face I'd find it hilarious. I'm not easily offended.

    Plus I perv out on bitches all the time so I can't even be mad if it happens to me lol
  12. tell that bish to take a hike, way too uptight
  13. I'd take it as a compliment. I hate snooty girls like that that fuckin act all offended when they get hit on or checked out.
    It's not cute, it's annoying as fuck and makes you look like you're a stuck up bitch.

    Anyway, anytime a guy compliments me or checks me out I take it in a positive way & it makes my day a little brighter :)
  14. For real tho. Girls be starin at my hair all the time, sayin shit like "I love your hair!" "is it real?" "can I touch it?" :rolleyes:

    I just want to flip the scrip on a girl one day and be like "I love your boobs!" "are they real?" "can I touch them?"

    One day...

  15. Right? I hate stuck up bitches. And its like bitch you aren't walking around with your tits out, wearin them short ass shorts not to be checked out.
  16. Never apologize for looking bro. That's beta shit. Even if its a complete stranger. Trust me. There's a reason why douche bags get bitches. Cuz they don't give a fuck.
  17. When a women catches you lookin' you gotta captalize on that moment or forever be a creep in her and all her friends minds.

    Your fucked son!
  18. This x1000
  19. [quote name='"Art Vandalay"']When a women catches you lookin' you gotta captalize on that moment or forever be a creep in her and all her friends minds.

    Your fucked son![/quote]

    For sure! Today I was at the store just admiring this hot girl not necessarily looking at just her ass more so her whole body and she turned and saw I was like nervous for a sec but I just said how's it going and started a little conversation went well
  20. Those bitches are the worst.
    Lol. I'm not saying I never wear stuff like that, cause I do, but when I do I expect to get looks and if the guys not that attractive then what am I gonna do? Take back what he saw? Lol

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