Checkin in GC

Discussion in 'General' started by blackdahlia515, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. What's up guys? Thought I'd check in fried and see how everybody's doing?:D
  2. Things are going well, how about you?
  3. Obviously not as good as you if you are having blunts for breakfast.
  4. waiting on this fine ass female to come over,,,, if she dont show up soon,,, im going to bed,,,,,

    ...[​IMG] :cool:
  5. Chillin off a 40.

    First 'real' day of work.

    Bout to take some bong rips and chill out.

    Aient gotta wake up early but i gotta work 3-11 tommrow or if not 3-11:30.
  6. [Hic.]

    I'm chillin at my crib smoking some hash I made today, and tapping away on my computer at my craft--cursed inspiration. I hope all is well with everyone else.

    Smoke much bud fellow blades and stay eternally green.


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