checked the plants today-SAW PISTILS!

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  1. I have 10 backyard bagseed plants. out of the ten, i have confirmed one to be female :hello:, two are suspected males and the other seven have yet to show any definitive signs of sex. but the important part is that theres at least one female and that means im actually gonna get bud out of this grow. the plants were started late (early-mid july) and are still small (beteween 5 and 12 inches), but maturing fast. the only ones that have started to flower are the indica dominant ones, as the others are from mexican sativa brick seeds, which i expect to take a little longer to mature. now, im gonna go smoke a spliff to celebrate the girl! :smoking:

    perhaps i'll post a picture or two at some point.
  2. Hopefully it doesnt get too cold there.
  3. ha

    why plant so late?

    props on the pistils though, such a great feeling to know for sure buds are on the way, and yea its gonna be tough to get em to mature into full buds until early nov, and frost has usually hit by then.

    gl , if you have a color strain by chance the buds will probably turn brilliant colors growing in those low temps
  4. pheonixpharmer: im crossing my fingers that it doesn't. if theyre not ready when the first frost comes, a friend of mine has agreed to let me use a closet in his garage to finish them up on 12/12 with cfls and floro tubes so they should be ok.
    deepgreensea: well the reason for planting late is quite simple, all my previous attempts at growing had been foiled by parents, cops thieves, etc, yeah im exctatic. that would be excellent if they turned crazy colors.
    Update: so far there are two confirmed females, both with nice visable colas forming at the tops. the obvious two males have been cut down and are drying in the closet where they will remain until i have gathered enough leaves and bud stems to make some nice butane honey oil hash. i'll update soon and i'll try to acquire a better camera than the cell phone one. comments and advice are always welcome. peace
  5. i now officially have 3 females. i found another male today and gave him the chop. the two sativa females are looking nice, but the indica dominant one seems to be having a little trouble. even the developing leaves are yellowish green and the little cola has some black stuff on it... i got no clue. the unhealthy one may have not been fertilized yet so i'll go and try to help her out.
  6. congrats!!!...go to sick plants and post pic if you can Ganga Geurrilla will come along and set everything backyard bag grow went 4 out of 10 so hey, hey....i gave my flowering plants a tbl spoon of urine in 1 gal water at beginning of week 4 to bump up too...don't listen to me though, my first grow...GG will take care of's a family pic, and good luck buffalo:D

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  7. thanks for the reply man. i'll have to get a camera so the guerilla can help with the sick one. btw we just got dumped on with some nice heavy rain the plants should love it. maybe ittl help wash away that black shit. i'll post back soon. peace
  8. last night, in the rainstorm, i sprinkled dust from a can of natural american spirit tobacco in the soil of my plants. i checked in on them about a half hour ago and thy appear to be doing better. the black shit on the buds seems to be subsiding. these plants make me so proud, with their buds almost doubling in size each day. Im hoping to get some nice outdoor headies off my two sativa females and some nice dense dank off the indica. I still have 3 plants who havent shown their gender yet
  9. if MA means you live in Mass. then you are screwed, if you are only seeing pistils now, you are not!! going to get any real weed from that plant. Next year, save a small amt of seeds from each bag you buy, and in August, pull out the ones with narrow leaves, the sativa or late developing variety like you probably have growing right now that isn't going to do anything for you.
  10. whatever. im not looking to get much i just wanna proove to myself that i can indeed grow my own pot. i'll consider myself lucky if i get a quarter ounce dry weight of buds. my town is soooo dry right now so the way i see it, any pot is better than no pot. peace

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