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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by winterfresh420, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. alright to make a long story short sunday night (last night) i get an eighth of some dank ass bud :hello:. after an hour session in my room with my bong and the dark side of the moon vinyl record i decide its time to wrap things up. i throw the blue jeans i was wearing into the hamper and do some laundry, next morning i awake and walk into the laundry room and open the dryer door. i rummage threw my clothes looking for something to wear when i find a empty plastic sandwich bag...oh fuck i thought to myself. "NO NO NO!!" i start throwing my clothes out of the dryer only to find my beautiful bud destroyed and laced with lint in the lint filter. :( You can bet ive been having a bad day :mad:
  2. Try to smoke it anyways! :)

    hahaha it'd prolly taste like shit, and might make you puke. But I'd still try it.
  3. dam i haved taht happen to me to but with lees bud.I just felt like a complete idiot after letting that happen.
  4. lol yeah i salvaged what i could but still sucks bad!!
  5. dude that sucks... try saving some... i doubt its much worse than this laundry detergent weed that flooded my town recently.(i guess it was shipped in laundry detergent boxes or something...
  6. that sucks dicks
  7. Nice dude :bongin:

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