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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Rob420, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Ok befor i get a whole bunch posts think of this

    1 We(as in the US) might not ever get pot legalized, it just might never happen
    2 What about this instead of legalization we make it decriminilization so istead of going to jail you get a small fine like speeding
    ok i have never heard this thought before in my life i thought of this while i was high one day and its a new developing idea so think and give it a chance
    Pro's Con's to this anyone?

    I would think a pro would be
    more open to smoke not always to hide the shit and hide from cops

    Con still illegal but so is speeding

    OR even (sry higgh thats why som many random thoughts) if you treat pot like alcohol
    1.Dont be high and drive
    2. 21 and older
    3. keep away from minors

    now that idea is bad for people under 21 but does free a lot up i mean kids and teens still drink anyway underage and get fined when caught y not the same with pot

    Pros Cons on this idea please let this be not a argue but debate if anyone is up just to see anyone and everyones thought
  2. dude its almost virtually legal in most of the big cities(except in florida). People dont really care that much anymore or as much since medical marijuana. And all you've suggested has been suggested before by politicians and shit. Like for a couple years lol..
  3. i kno prolly in bigger citys im talking about others not to small not to big i dont kno just some thoughts

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