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Discussion in 'General' started by Fractal, Sep 5, 2007.


    im not sure what to make of the show, but actually if you arent too uptight, in my opinion its kind of funny. no idea how i came across this.

    Attention all nigs aboard flight 1-4-7 we have arrived in the ATL SHAWTY, GET CRUNK.

  3. word word
  4. ah, i loled for 5 mins at a few parts, i know its funnier than 1 person commenting, and on top of that i have no idea what he even said
  5. i wont rest tilll somone at least says its racist
  6. Damnit fractal!! that's the most racist thing i've ever seen!! :p
  7. "Im commin at cha from the US west, Where? What the fuck!"

    I listened to about that part then i realized its just some white kids tryin to be funny.
  8. that line cracked me up personally. but i actually have some inside information that that episode is, of course, just the pilot, and was made quickly.

    i have also heard that the next two episodes are planned and about halfway done, and are some legit shit. PEEptt IT BI WEEKLY

    edit: so geotoker, kenny smith sounded pretty black to you then? tight

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