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  1. "i smoke backwood blunts cuz they the most expensive"
    -Mac Dre

    [ame=]YouTube - Backwood blunt[/ame]

  2. no commentS?
  3. looks like a decent size blunt. unless thats just a cigar lol
  4. just a tip man, you dont have to hold the lighter on it so long to light it. took almost 20 seconds to light it, should only 5-10. just sayin

    still, nice clouds.
  5. or light it in two seconds by just taking a drag as you light....:rolleyes:
  6. i like to toast the foot (cigar lingo)

    In order to light the cigar evenly, I hold the cigar in my hand and “toast” the foot by exposing it to the flame, without actually touching the foot with the flame, until the entire foot (including the outer edge) is blackened (hence, toasted). This step should only take about five to ten seconds. I then place the flame a bit closer to the cigar’s foot while moving the lighter in a circular fashion. By now, the foot will begin to glow somewhat evenly. Lastly, I blow on the foot lightly to verify that the entire foot is evenly lit. I now take a few quick puffs to get the cigar going and inspect the burn one last time to ensure that the entire circumference of the wrapper is catching on. Lighting the cigar can not be rushed and, to me, is a big part of the cigar smoking experience

  7. Yeah I smoke cigars, If you want to toast the foot right you don't torch the foot, your supposed to barley let the flame touch the end....but thats for a cigar to help with flavor development along with helping the burn. Doing this with bud is a bit wasteful and dosent help the flavor
  8. i donno guys i just like to make sure the end of the cone is going to burn evenly with no runs or non-lit areas.

    IMO the backwood blunt smokes much more like a cigar than any other blunt wrap.
  9. good playing show

  10. what?

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