Check this shit out

Discussion in 'General' started by goodvibess, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Got dang....that dude got smacked. He was asking for nudes so he had something coming lol
  2. good vid.. im just curious why alllll of the recommended vids on the side for me were all FRIENDS scenes and bloopers.. lmfao.. ive never even watched friends on youtube before!! wtf!:confused::smoking:
  3. @ezav420 they were for me too lol

    OP, good video. it felt nice to see the brother stand up for his sister like that. that dude on the couch is lucky all he got was a couple smacks to the face. i'd have pummeled him til he stopped moving.

  4. Haha meee too.
  5. you wanna go to jail? or you wanna get yo ass beat?

  6. i was wondering that same shit hahah

  7. i know right dude, he'd be done. hah
  8. He deserves it, she was 11.. I'd smash that phone too.
  9. Get out my couches *****aa!
  10. such a solid sucker punch though hahah
  11. Yup. They ambushed him. Lol dude was all like hey brb getting a drink. While the dude recording started getting ready to record. Probably watching tv chillin after school haha. Then WAAAAAPPP get out my couches!!!

  12. did you see him puff his hand before? was funny

  13. yeah i was def expecting him to take the phone and throw it to the floor as hard as he could

    so? asking for nude pics from the 11 year old sister of your friend is a much harder sucker punch.
  14. This is the only appropriate reaction.

    Now light the phone on fire.
  15. He 1 up'd him when he said that part about catching him off guard.

  16. Hahahah WAAAP...x3
  17. You got me at Check this Shit out

  18. sounded catchy

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