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  1. Hello fellow growers, this is my first grow and I didn't expect the results that I am getting! For those experienced growers I am curious to know what you think, and how many ounces I might get from this? I vegged for 5 weeks and just finished week 6 of flowering. Also Please help me with my trichromes, are they clear or cloudy? Thanks!

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  2. What are you using for light? From the looks of it 2 more weeks at least.  No idea of the yield.
  3. Using ten 42 watt CFLs, soft and white. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. you need some more red light in there. there's still time! my experience with fluorescents in the blue spectrum in flowering it really doesn't do what you want it too post-dry and -trim. try to get some 2700k lights in there and see if it changes anything. but we cant check trichomes really unless you have an excellent macro lens with a huge focal length like a 100mm macro or something along those lines. but yeah otherwise they're looking pretty good.
  5. Thanks I will be sure to pick up a few more soft white then! 
  6. Maybe 30-40 grams
  7. soft white in the 4000k range are the most useless.. you want cool and warm.  >5500k or <2500k.  between there your spectrum will be centered in a range the plant cant use.
  8. Looks similar to one I harvested this last week that ended up at like 45ish grams of quality bud and than some popcorn that I use with trim to make butter. Nice looking plant!

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