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  1. hi all watered my plant yesterday morning. went to work came home and i had a surprise.
    i definately only planted 1 seed.

    should i move this as soon as possible?

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  2. yeah, move it asap... be careful with those roots though!
  3. HIGH All, yes very soon before it gets bigger....just grab a spoon and where your red line is..grow straight down and then lift scooping a scoop of ice cream.
  4. hi all thanks for your replys. i have now repotted it successfully i think. i didnt damage anything anyway. thanks again
  5. That's crazy lol!
  6. do you thin kthe seed could have possiblt split??or what other reason is there for that...and its not even close to the bigger one. Iv seen that happen to other ppl where a second stem comes up very near each other in first week..but never seen them this far apart
  7. hi all it is still growing in its own pot. so looking good
  8. Its quite possibly somthing completely different, lots of seedlings look similar. It could have been a sunflower seed or somthing that got into the soiil somehow.
  9. hi mate it is deffo mj still growing and looking good

  10. HIGH All, well I've seen a GaBizillon MJ seeds and that one is.
  11. Good job on the transplant. No matter how it happened it did, and a 2 4 1 is always nice..good luck keep us posted on them both..choke with ya later.
  12. thanks everyone for your comments i will keep you updated. cheers
  13. pics 2 days after repotting. going slow but seems to have recovered. peace all

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  14. hey man. looking nice. great stuff on the free lady!! :smoking: you may want to raise your soil level a little and add some perlite. other than that, looking great and keep us posted!

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