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  1. interesting
  2. Ye, that seems fair enough.

    But be careful with the Dailymail, they will print anything and everything to try and sell newspapers. They are the type that are constantly going on about the new type of "skunk" cannabis that is as powerful as cocaine and bullshit like that.
  3. damn I never knew that, But I didnt search their site for the article, I got the link from another site.

    I will never again go on their site for that.
  4. the far from extinct what the FUCK are they talking about, well i mean its numbers are limited but it says they havent been seen since they 50's yet there are MAD high resolution high definiton pictures of them...guess someone went fucking back in time!!!! They have them in fucking zoo's lol the first bred in captivity was in the 50's im sad 30 seconds on wikipedia completely destructed that article and no one really said anything
  5. none of us read the wikipedia article... lol..

    But I believe it because that site seems a bit sketchy.
  6. No i mean, i saw the article claiming to okapi has resurfaced from extinction or whatever the hell it said, then realized...ive seen one in a i googled "okapi" BAM wikipedia, first thing i notice, how many are left in existance, meaning, they aren't and werent ever extinct lol. By definition something that is exctinct...isnt coming back unless we means they are all fucking dead how do they come back..... HAHAHAHA i dont see any mammoths...or ground sloths coming around any time soon
  7. Thats wierd that they would put a non extict animal in the article lol, but there are a bunch of other animals they write about, I wonder if they were ever extinct as well.

    Even though it wasnt extinct, that okapi tripped me out, strange animal.
  8. I'm not really all that surprised by this...

    I mean, I would assume that it's pretty hard to know with absolute certainty that an animal is completely and totally extinct.
    There could always be a few left hanging out somewhere, couldn't there? :p
  9. I think the article should say more like "shit we THOUGHT was exctinct but isnt" cause if its extinct...its over lol. You know lol.... like rediscovering something....its already just did it again hahahahha it cant be un-discovered you know...they throw too many words around and dont use them how they are defined making Amero-english super hard to understand, even when you speak it lol

  10. they should have chosen a less, populated animal tho lol, the okapi isn't rare or anything. It remind me of a plattypus tho, it looks like a horse/donkey/giraffe thing lol

  11. Yeah, those things are crazy cool looking.

    I think it would be more awesome if a Saber-toothed tiger showed up out of the blue or something, though. :cool:
  12. hahaha that would be so epic, and probably kinda sketch, i wish ground sloths were alive, no one realizes it but in ice age, of course whats his name is A ground sloth (cant remember his name oh its sid right lol) and he looks pretty puny...till you realize a sabre tooth stands like 6 feet tall, and he is a good 2-4 feet taller than that sabre tooth lol...they were HUUUGE... just imagine huge sloths.... i would ride one
  13. too bad nessie isnt in the list.

  14. cause nessie never died hahahahahhaa
  15. [ame=]YouTube - Nessie - The Loch Ness Monster Caught on Tape[/ame] found her!
  16. If dinosaurs is supposedly extinct and came back. It would be on youtube in a matter of minutes of its arrival. We would see them before it see us is all i saying.
  17. Just saw a special on American crocodiles. Biologists are concerned that some may have a throwback gene to the mega-crocodiles!! They found one at 18ft:eek:
  18. lol when did this thread ever make the point that dinosaurs are coming back..... lol....

    nessie lost some weight.

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